Xelrond Duskclaw

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“Goddammit where the hell are you going!? Get back here! Mages should not be in front!”
— Xelrond

Xelrond Duskclaw
Vital statistics

Race Aetherean
Occupation Mercenary
Age 25 or so he appears
Social Standing Shunned, except in the region that he calls home.
Physical attributes
Class Fighter 2 Barbarian 1
Height 6' 2"
Weight 270 lbs.

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Physical Traits[edit]

Tall, Muscular

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Armor: Chain mail and Shield

Weapons: Sword and 2 Handaxes

Personality Traits[edit]

Positive Traits[edit]

  • Street Smart
  • Courageous


  • Defensive
  • Always goes in first


  • Introverted
  • Mysterious


Before the Empire[edit]

Xelrond, along with his two siblings, Liara and Caortus were created by an ancient Dragon named Fel'dinor, as bodyguards for his three hatchlings. Xelrond spent all his time training and protecting Mindix'nar'gosha (Mindi for short), Fel'dinor's daughter who was aligned with fire. One day, Mindi decided to travel beyond her father's land, and fly to the mainland. However, on the way, Xelrond and Mindi were ambushed by a vessel of pirates, who wanted Mindi's body to sell on the black market. Xelrond fought to protect her, but was overpowered by sheer numbers. Mindi was captured, and Xelrond was thrown into the ocean, as his scales and blood were not pure enough to have real value. When he awoke, he returned to the Fel'dinor's island in shame. Fel'dinor, overcome with rage and grief, banished him from the island, never to return. After wandering for years in shame and grief, Xelrond eventually settled in the Karavak region of Elara, and began work as a mercenary in order to try to make up for his failure.

The Present[edit]

When Xelrond, who had gained a reputation as a fearsome yet honorable mercenary, was hired to get rid of a rogue monster travelling from village to village, terrorizing civilians, he expected it to be a tiger, or other wild beast, and that he would be finished with the job quickly. Unbeknownst to him, this job would change the course of his life. When he arrived at the village where the monster had been last sighted, he began following the trail, (which oddly followed the road between villages) and soon caught up with the creature. He confronted it, only to discover that she was an Aetherean, just like him. (See full dialogue here) Her name was Allie, and she wasn't harming anyone. They soon became close friends. Xelrond left Kavarak, and began travelling with her, as a companion and guard.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

  • Stay at the front, shielding others from damage.
  • Charge into the middle of the fray, hacking and slicing to deal the most damage possible.