Torinn Norixius

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“My Name is <insert oinking sounds here>. But you may call me Torinn”
— Torinn Norixius

Torinn Norixius
Glorious in victory
Glorious in victory
Vital statistics

Race Dragonborn/werewolf
Occupation Ambassador of Sir Wadsworth
Age 139
Social Standing weary
Physical attributes
Class Paladin 5
Height 6'11"
Weight 370 lbs

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Physical Traits[edit]

Torrin is rather large, even for a Dragonborn, standing almost 7 feet tall. Large and bulky Torrin handles himself with a brutish demeanor that one would expect from a creature of his size. His long tail still finds itself bumping into chairs and people.

Armor and Weapons[edit]


Personality Traits[edit]



Positive Traits[edit]



Before the Empire[edit]


The Present[edit]


Skills and Strategies[edit]