Thorkel Von Thordsson

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“...You said that artifact was in a peaceful cave, that I'll an extra 25 gold for lying”
— Thorkel Von Thordsson, talking to random potion shop keeper

Thorkel Von Thordsson
A recent portrait of Thorkel
A recent portrait of Thorkel
Vital statistics

Race Human
Occupation Guild master of the Hermit Guild of the Western Forest, Assassin
Age 28
Social Standing Speciality Resource Gatherer/Artifact Finder
Physical attributes
Class 5 Warlock
Height 6"2
Weight 185

Thorkel Von Thorsson is the Guild Master of the Hermit Guild of the Western Forrest, Thorkel was born into a family of mages and was scorned for not having the abilities like the other members of the family, but he had a nack for the forrest so that is where he spent most of his days as a youth. Even more as he became older in his studies he mostly studied plants, religion, languages, and arcana. He was born in the Empire along with two sisters and a brother, Thorkel being the youngest, and least magically intuned.

Appearance [edit]

Physical Traits [edit]

Thorkel is a 6'2" human male, with a bald head and a long dirty blonde beard. His face looks as if he has not aged well, and his eyes are jet black, but he is very scrawny and looks almost as if he hasn't had a decent meal in months.

Armor and Weapons [edit]

Thorkel very rarely wears armour but has a pair of very smooth silk robes made of Elmreld Green material, which are always clean no matter the situation. Well unless in dire need and then they are cleaned afterwards.


Thorkel's Walking Stick. Thorkel only carries his walking stick with him, and it is always with him no matter where he goes, it is made of an Ebony Hardwood, with a Silver Dragon on the tip with a blood red elmreld in its claws.

Obtained a pair of sunglasses shortly after returning to the main city of The Empire, they look roughly like these. File:Madman-01.png

Personality Traits [edit]

Thorkel is a genarally caring person, he will help most animals that need help as long as they are not trying to eat him, also he is known to now and then help another member of the Empire, but this is very rare and normally done at necessity. He also says his personal opinions at whim when he believes he can without getting arrested or killed.

Flaws [edit]

Thorkel is very cocky about his personal skills being he has never found a challenge that he couldn't even bypass or destory by himself, he has also been known to not care about formal eating procedures, normally eating his food faster then everyone else in the room, while eating the most.

Thorkel will also put the forrest first before just about anything else, or most of nature at that matter. Which has gotten him into situations that are not the most profitable.

Thorkel also would rather work by himself because he doesn't trust many others. He also does not tell any other person a secret he may or may not learn, unless by utter accident while engaging in conversation.

Positive Traits [edit]

But dispite his rather a lone wolf Thorkel can be rather decent, helping random Elves that he comes accross to get through his area of the Forest, or to helping injured animals that he sees as best as he can.

He is also known to assist in just about any job that he understands on the local job board, from aquiring random plants in a cave, to assisting a farmer getting rid of bandits or cursed animals.

History in the Empire [edit]

Being Born Into The Empire *Possible information that will be revealed later* [edit]

Thorkel was born into the Empire by a Franceen and Gilgor Von Thorddson as well as his two sisters Hulga, Samantha, and a brother Gilgor Von Thorddson the Second. But unlike the rest of his family Thorkel didn't have the magical properties that they had and was quite shunned by his family, even thought they still gave him a decent education.

College Life [edit]

Thorkel was in the top 25% of his class in everything that he learned, especially in the many languages that he learned, but also including Arcana, Medicine, History, Nature, and Religion. Nature was by far his most preferred subject that he learned, which led to him becoming the main fetcher of any plant in the area.

Warlockiszation and Hermitization [edit]

Though an interesting event happened one day while Thorkel was obtaining some essence from some carnivores’ plants that occasionally occupy some of the surrounding forests around the city. While doing so Thorkel stumbled upon a rather old temple, so Thorkel being himself decided to investigate the temple, at a first glance the temple didn’t seem to be to any god or goddess at all, it was as if someone wanted to build a house that looked like a temple including benches, stage, and random light fixtures. At a much longer inspection he found out that the temple was owned by the a cult who's leader had the name Vecna, which Thorkel always somewhat admired for his ability to keep secrets so well. While exploring more, there was a small tremor and Thorkel fell into a vast hole. Sliding for what seemed like ages, Thorkel landed onto a vast field with a lone tree in the middle, which he decided to investigate it, as he slowly crept closer he saw what resembled a greenish-brown trunk with a crown of tentacles, and multiple eyes and a couple of lateral grasping tentacles (H’chtelegoth name unknown to Thorkel) which grab Thorkel and seemed to choke him to death as the eyes stared deep into his soul. A second later Thorkel woke up back in the temple where he had believed that he fell into the hole, but he felt different not like he had before, as if someone rewrote something inside of him that was there but deep to where it wasn’t able to be obtained. Some time passed before Thorkel decided to get up, which was when he realized that it was night outside and he remembered that there was no moon at this night, but he could see perfectly fine which startled him quite a bit. It wasn’t till he was heading back home that his new abilities really hit him, as he was walking back one of the random bandit “parties” (2 guys) decided to stop him with torches in hand, and request him some gold. But as they got closer they saw Thorkel’s eyes which were now jet black as if all the light inside of them was extinguished, which startled the bandits severely enough to drop their torches. Which at this point Thorkel attempted to grab one of the bandit’s daggers that were in his belt, but as Thorkel reached out a surge of energy passed through his fingers and shot out at the man, at which the man was electrocuted as if struck by lightning, at this point Thorkel knew he was changed and he was quite exited but knew he couldn’t let his family know about it.

But like any family they all find out eventually and this was mainly Thorkel’s fault they found out, he had some close friends that worked the land, and a particularly good friend of his, Barvin was an orchard farmer, and had pissed off a group of criminals that where planning on getting payback for his act against them, so Barvin gathered a group of his personal friends to help protect his farm which included Thorkel. As night came Thorkel prepared himself for whatever might happen, hoping not to expose himself for what he was now, he always wore spectacles anyways so this didn’t mind him too much. But as the battle begun it was obvious that Barvin and his friend were going to lose, and losing meant certain death with the group that was attacking, so Thorkel did what he had to do to save himself and his friend, as Thorkel sent out blast of energy at his foes one by one they fell. Smoldering on the ground they lay, but at a cost. Barvin and those remaining alive from the onslaught know knew that Thorkel was not exactly the same man they had once knew, especially with the grin on Thorkel’s face as he sent the men to their doom. Barvin looked worriedly at Thorkel and asked him when and where that he had learned magic like he had, but Thorkel would not answer. He had decided that it was enough for the night and decided to just go home, but Thorkel did not finish all of the men as he left because there was a second party heading towards the farm to assist in the clean-ups, which as they came they were rather stunned at what had happened, as they slowly killed Barvin’s friends until Barvin told of what Thorkel had done. Which at that point they killed Barvin.

The following day as Thorkel went to his standard tavern to obtain a meal he was met by one of the cooks who told him about a hit that has on his head for the deaths of the group of men at the farm, he was also told of Barvin’s death and the destruction of the farm. So he decided that he wanted to study more of the temple and the area around it so that he could obtain a greater understanding of what he saw and maybe some secrets that Vecna knew about this strange tree.

The Present [edit]

Six years later, Thorkel still has not found out much more about the entity of which he had found, but he know that one day he will find something about these essence and he is not sure if he truly wants to know more about it. Especially with what he has seen. He even decided to start his own guild, mainly so he could give himself a title but no one really needs to know about that, especially being a hermit no one should ever find out that no one else is inside the guild at the moment.

Also Thorkel decided to make a form to fill out for any artifact/herbalist ingredients that a person may or may not need, with the amount for the payment for the x object.</p>


Journal Entry 1[edit]

As Thorkel decides to assist these young mercenaries first meeting Rufus, and Waltom. Names were given back and forth, and just enough information so that we didn’t have to kill each other. Once the introductions were done, we set out for the first post, entering the post we met a young mail man, who told us mostly pointless information, forgetting his manners Thorkel decided to attempted to “persuade” the young man into giving. Which apparently did not work that well and he decided to start streaming and cursing them out.

After which we decided to leave, and we met another fellow Pug who also enlisted to assist in this quest, to retrieve these important documents. So the party continued onto Stonyfield, arriving at the small village, barely houses were in the town, we met one of the ladies of the village and had a short conversation with the lady. We got more information about Simon, and decided to start going down the road to investigate further, which we did and finding some of the villagers were found burying horses of the legion, who were promptly ask to give us the information of Simon.

Which Simon being in the southern forest, we entered into the forest which was strangely quiet, as we walk on for some time, one of our members called out, and Mr.IWantToKillEverything decides to come out, he was a rather ordinary person nothing much to note of him except his one arm which was imbued with magically essence. As we discussed obtaining the documents back, he requested that Rufus grovel for the item, which Rufus does instantly with masterful execution. Which the man decided to give Rufus the papers, and this is when I talked with this man for a time, learning that he believes in the destruction of all non-human species believe that he could fix the essence of this world be exterminating them. Which is the reason why I do not like this man, this world is fractured because these fools have decided to dispute the balance in nature, not fighting the gods correctly and destroying the gods that have helped this world become as great as it was. But anyways enough about that, during this conversation Rufus decided to pickpocket this man, who decided to burn the hell at of his face, which actually gave a quite an interesting scar. Kindof feel bad for him, but meh can’t heal it, and I ain’t buying it so. Guess he will be keeping it. But otherwise he obtains the papers, and we decided to leave though I was trying to obtain as much information as possible before leaving, didn’t get enough. I must get more information on this man, and I will find it.

Afterwords we headed back to the Empire’s main city, on the way back I noticed a Rose and though it would be an opportune time to speak with Pug about nature and stuff, which we had decided to do after I gave Rufus the location of a particular tavern that I remembered as a lad in the city, that I am planning on staying the night. So that if any word of different jobs that might be interesting that he might inform me of them. Which he agreed with, so Pug and I talked about what we believed of how the world was suppose to work, and how what the boring looking man was not very ideal for the world if not damning to it.

Journal Entry 2[edit]

Thorkel coming back from doing research on the rather droll man, gets back to his staying place. Which he finds a small note on his door, stating that there is an interesting investigation that needs to be checked out, and that the person is too busy to be able to be able to do the investigation himself. So Thorkel prepares himself for the next day, and meets with Captain. Prost who informs Thorkel that the caravan had made a stop near the Deepwood four days prior to the attack. 

On the way to the incident, Thorkel stops at picks some extra merchandise in-case something comes up and he needs to act as a traveling hermit with a bunch of random plants. (Some illicit and some non-illicit plants) Mainly herbal remedies to all sorts of random alignments from healing minor burns and bruises, to helping a person relax or keeping them up all night, plus some Cerbera Odollam for good measures.</p>But afterword’s Thorkel made off, reaching the spot of the attack and starting drawing the design of the rune onto an extra piece of paper, for further research. But not finding anything of significant nature, he moved on to the gorge. Finding some information going over to were the campsite was, learning that they group was being stalked since the campsite, he decided to investigate down in the valley, casting spider climb on himself so that he could scale down the gorge as easily as possible. When reaching the bottom of the gorge, Thorkel found one body of a Gnome that attempted to fight of his attackers, and one human body. Most likely one of the attackers, being he had signs of dying around the same time as the Gnome, in which he found a small note of where the caravan was headed and what the cargo was. Which from Thorkel’s assumption that there was someone who either owned the caravan or was in the caravan that was a rat, plus where if the initial attack happened where the next attack would happen.

So Thorkel climbs back up the mountain to where the original incident took place, and going to where the note was saying the main attack would take place. Getting to the location Thorkel found some minor details of what happened, noting that the raid had 3x the amount of men then that were in the caravan. Also noting that there was some magical waste that seemed to present it-self in the area. Taking in note of what seemed the same aurora that was in the area that Rufus was magically burned. Noting this Thorkel put his observations that the incident was done by the same group of men that attacked and murdered the carrier. Giving this information to Rufus to be re-read and the details to be given to whoever was in charge of obtaining information on the investigation.

Journal Entry 3[edit]

After a nice long bath after coming back from his long trek from the scene of the attack, Thorkel gets a rather loud knock on his door. Getting up Thorkel gets told rather quickly by a young courier giving him a letter rather quickly and running off. Thorkel reads the note rather quickly and imparts that he needs to quickly get to Dernvale and that there is an important matter that needs to be attended to. So Thorkel, being himself sits down eats his breakfest makes a pot of tea, finishes the tea. After which he packs his gear and attempts to obtains a bag of holding, and starts walking towards his new business matter. Arriving at Dernvale, Thorkel requests to be taken to the man in charge or the man who had sent him the letter, a rough looking guard takes Thorkel to Commander Gravert, who tells Thorkel of the situation and points to the band of travelers that will be adventuring into the minds. Those he points out are Pug, and Waltom who Thorkel already knows, as well as Phineas and Fern. Quickly introducing himself to them, they set off for the mines.

Arriving at the mines they quickly entered and after about a thirty minute stretch they are attacked by quick a large gathering of Goblins, Thorkel not seeing that they are in a talking mood quickly lets out a small sonic boom in a area that would not harm him companions and hitting the Goblins, disintegrating them and quickly requesting that his companions leave one of them alive. After which he attempts to talk to the Goblin but is unable to even trying to talk to him/them mind to mind which knocks Thorkel unconscious and seeing many, many images flashing into his mind quite rapidly.

On being arisen from his slumber, Thorkel looks about the area and starts trying to stabilize any Goblin that seems reasonably alive, but unable to. This hurt Thorkel quite a bit, seeing the damage of which he caused upon a group of beings that were just following orders that they may or may not wanted to follow. So Thorkel decided to leave the cave and head home, to a new pot of tea and a long long bath with some Pipe-weed.

Journal Entry 4[edit]

Waking up to loud knocking on his door, Thorkel is waken up to a man at his door with a letter, obtaining the letter. Thorkel is requested to meet up with this guy, to get information on a task that needs to be dealt with tact.

So Thorkel heads out after breakfast, arriving at the office, Thorkel finds out that a trinket of decent value needs to be obtained. So Thorkel and his compadres set off to obtain this Three horned trinket.

Speaking rather quickly Graves they set out to the Three Rivers Mercantile Consortium. While on their way to the Consortium they were attacked by these random creatures, who were given some silver and sent off.

After arriving in the Consortium they quickly met with Vodkin who him and Poppet had a conversation about theatrical family issues, but instead of actually saying that they talked about garden issues. But meh not much to note from it.

After speaking with the justicar they were sent to cross the river, meeting with Ezzot the boatman. They were quickly rowed across the river. Escorted by some rather heavy infantry, they were sent upstairs to meet with Elder Gimble, after a rather dull conversation with the Elder, they were able to obtain the trinket and were given information about one thing they wanted. Thorkel requested to know about the leader of the Blackwood Bandits, whose name apparently was Gradioso.

After returning to the capital Thorkel went straight to speak with Rufus, mainly waiting in the some rather boring room waiting and waiting, too eventually saying screw, Thorkel went out to some of the area bars asking if they’ve seen him, and finding the bar Rufus normally goes to. Thorkel waited and once he saw Rufus their he told him the name of the Blackwood Bandits Gradioso, after that Thorkel went straight to where he could find information about people. Including the library to get some public records of those that lived in the Capital, and most importantly obtaining a book with the details of all that were born to the mage families.

Non-Journal Entry 5. (Someone in the Empire has Thorkel's Journal up to this point.)[edit]

Thorkel being requested to assist in the protection of diplomatic summit, Thorkel arives with Rufus already there, they speak with the head guard for a short time. After which, they go on patrol for awhile, finding a door propped open and a foot inside. Rufus and Thorkel go to inspect it, finding an unconscious guard Thorkel goes and gets one of the closest guards that he could find. After the guard comes in Rufus goes to get the head guard, and Thorkel investigates the downed guards equipment more, finding a water flask Thorkel inspects it and find a weird substance on the inside, pulling a small bit out the other "guard" sneezes and a portion gets into Thorkel's eye and he becomes paralyzed, after which the guard stabs Thorkel in the throat and Thorkel does whatever he can to keep the guard from leaving. But the guard leaves and a short bit later Rufus comes in, Thorkel tells Rufus to follow the guard. During that time Thorkel does whatever he can to stop the bleeding, after a time Kaghar walks into the room, questioning Thorkel what happened. Thorkel tells him what he can until Rufus comes back in with a young man holding a plate of meat. Then Rufus leaves again, and Thorkel and Kaghar are attacked knock unconscious.

Thorkel wakes up in a jail cell does whatever he can to speak to someone, but fails knocking himself out again. Waking up to immense pain Thorkel asks what happens, not getting much data Thorkel follows the group down the cavern. At the end of the area, Thorkel takes off his cloak showing a slowly spreading on the center of his chest. Telling Rufus and Kaghar good luck, and they won't follow you. Thorkel casts fly on himself and starts heading towards the city, to a small horse farm on the outside. Arriving at the farm Thorkel casts suggestion on the owner, telling him that "three men stole the horses and to wait 6 hours before telling anyone". Thorkel steals three of the horses and starts heading towards the Deepwood forest, pushing the horses as much as he can without killing them. While on his way towards the Deepwood, he uses Shatter on the Runners Post that he was at during his first mission with the Empire. Arriving at a decent location near the forest, Thorkel takes a short rest tying up the horses very securely, after his rest Thorkel uses Spider Climb to climb up a nearby tree and casts Hunger of Hadar onto where the horses are. After which he goes to the top of the trees and takes another short rest.

Using Fly again, Thorkel goes towards the gorge that he visited a couple weeks before, going down into the gorge. Thorkel starts searching for the entity that is down in the gorge.