Silthar "Artor" Vorsdan

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“"When all is said and done, no challenge will stand in my way. Whether it is a difficult delivery or a stubborn orc, I will get the job done.”
— Silthar promoting himself to a potential client

Sword for Hire
Vital statistics

Race Shroud
Occupation Mercenary/Bodyguard/Network agent
Age 30 years old
Social Standing Average
Physical attributes
Class Fighter 3
Height 5'11"
Weight Undisclosed

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Silthar possesses a solid build and short black hair. He conceals his shroud appearance underneath armor and a cloak to help secure work and avoid the suspicion that Shrouds tend to receive.

Physical Traits[edit]

Average height with an average, but muscular build. Without his armor, he probably wouldn't be too intimidating. ...

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Silthar wears chain mail, a helmet with a face mask, and a dark-brown cloak that is slightly worn. Over his mail is a dark-blue sash with a matching tunic underneath.

He wields a longsword that he has named Wolf-Cleaver and a common shield. ...

Personality Traits[edit]


He believes that a job should be completed through the most efficient means, even if the morals are questionable. ...

Positive Traits[edit]

He will try to complete a job as well as he can and will not reveal information on clients most of the time. ...


Before the Empire[edit]

Raised in a typical Shroud community, he learned from an older warrior who served as a guard. Silthar was a trustworthy youth, and occasionally worked as a courier for the Network, though combat was his primary job. ...

The Present[edit]

With the founding of the Empire, Silthar saw a great opportunity, as did many other Shrouds. Leaving his town, he followed others of his kind to the new empire, looking ofr opportunity, adventure, and a chance to expand the Network

He has made a bit of a name for himself in certain areas of the city as a reliable mercenary. He will often take jobs in the less affluent districts, working for a variety of individuals who need a man with a sword. His favored clients are those from the Network, and he has built a reliable list of individuals who will seek him out for his services. ...

Skills and Strategies[edit]

When dealing with individuals, Silthar will allow others to do the talking, if anyone else is with him. If diplomacy fails, he will initiate what he call "aggressive negotiations," letting his blade facilitate communications.

In combat, he will typically close in and kill his enemies, his sturdy armor and skill with his shield keep him alive. When working in a group, he will try to draw attention away from his physically weaker allies so that they can avoid injury. ...


  • Silthar will often go by the name "Artor" when dealing with new people or those who more heavily distrust Shrouds.
  • Silthar has a few drinking buddies among the city guard, whom he occasionally visits to hear the "stories of their work."