Rufus Rourke

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“I swear I thought she was a different kind of seamstress.”
— Rufus Rourke

Rufus Rourke
Rufus giving his signature look
Rufus giving his signature look
Vital statistics

Race Half-elf
Occupation Enemy of the Empire
Age 20
Social Standing Wanted Fugitive
Physical attributes
Class Rogue 5
Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs

Rufus Rourke grew up in the heart of the Empire on the streets of mean. From a young age he had to learn to fend for himself, learning to survive on wit, cunning, and charm. He seemed destined for a life of petty crime until one day, fate gave him a chance to go legitimate and use his talents for the greater Empire.


Physical Traits[edit]

At 5'10 and 140 pounds Rufus grew up a lean and lithe half-elf, a fact that can be attributed to a life lived on the streets. A brilliant shock of red hair crowns his head whilst his eyes glitter like emeralds, a hint of mischief dancing behind his gaze. His once boyishly charming looks have been recently marred by a severe burn scar in the shape of a hand print on the left side of his face. Though somehow he has failed to let it get the best of his roguish smirk.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

He wears studded leather armor that seems to be a little too large for him, belted tightly at the waist to keep it from shifting about. A number of daggers and short blades are secreted about his person in addition to the obvious rapier on his hip. All of his weapons seem to be of a plain journeyman's quality. Deadly in the right hands but not bedecked in frills or artistic flourish.


A man of whimsical nature, Rufus can often fixate on a subject with all of his heart only to have his passions move on to a new subject a short time later. Light fingered and mischievous he may well buy the whole bar a round with your money and get you to thank him for it. He will very much often do as his conscience dictates no matter the consequences when questions of morality arise.

Positive Traits[edit]

Loyal to a fault, he will do anything to protect his friends and loved ones. He also has no shame at all. If you need someone to grovel in the mud to spare a man's life Rufus is your man.


Before the Empire[edit]

Rufus was an orphan just trying to get by before the Empire formed. When the Empire came into form, Rufus was just beginning to come into his own in adulthood. Able to support himself through con games and picking pockets he perfected his trade out of necessity before taking his act up town to try and strike it rich. Having let ambition overwhelm his better sense, Rufus had taken his con game into better parts of town to fleece wealthier marks. When one of his games went poorly he found himself thrown in jail. But as it happened, fortune was smiling on Rufus that day. High Councilor Surgot Relagallos had noticed the young rogue and seen a spark of something in him. Rufus was offered a choice. Come work for Surgot as his assistant, or take whatever it was that jail had to offer him. It was an easy choice to make. He's never looked back.

The Present[edit]

Apart from just wit and cunning and charm, Rufus managed to display a bit of magical talent as well. When Surgot discovered this, the half-elf's life was changed forever. After a bit of magical training, Rufus has become a master impersonator and often fills in for Surgot, unbeknownst to his students, giving lectures when the High Councilor is too busy, or hung over from last nights revels to do it himself. Other of his official duties include coding messages, decoding messages, taking notes for council meetings, surreptitiously planting topless pictures of Surgot places, laundry, and paying the tab.

During a recent assassination in the Imperial Citadel, Rufus managed to perfectly set himself up as the fall guy for the crime by simply following orders and putting his trust in his allies. As a result he took the only recourse left to him; escape the Imperial Prison and act as a secret agent of the Empire to root out the enemies of the state who have been chipping away at the stability of the fledgling nation by joining their ranks as a double agent. Publicly a wanted outlaw, any knowledge of his true loyalty to the empire to be disavowed if he is caught, he walks the tight rope between light and darkness hoping to find his salvation as the only path back to a life that includes Jaedis in it.

A Painful Lesson[edit]

I just think masks are terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

During a recent mission to investigate the disappearance of a courier dispatch containing sensitive diplomatic documents, Rufus uncovered a sinister plot but payed a terrible price to get his information back to the high council. A powerful wizard has taken up with the Deepwood Bandits and is taking actions to destabilize the newly founded Empire. Though Rufus managed to foil the plot and recover both the original diplomatic documents as well as the forged set of papers he was given, his face was burned severely on the left side. The burn scar is in the shape of the wizard's hand, and will serve as a constant reminder to Rufus to be more careful in the future. After he got back to the capital and delivered his report to the High Council, the first thing he did was go out and buy a half mask to hide his disfigurement from the public eye.