Phineas Deen

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“Have you seen my sister arround ? Her hair should still be green by now. ”
— Phin, wandering in town on WarRibbs's back - In the middle of last summer

Phineas Deen
The lost wildling and Boarnardo
The lost wildling and Boarnardo
Vital statistics

Race Halfling (CG)
Occupation Hunter & Protector of Nature
Age 22 years old
Social Standing Companion
Physical attributes
Class Beast Master 4 Nature Cleric 7
Height 2"10
Weight 44.5

Halfling, half-brother of the half-dryad Fern, but full of courage and determination. Phin spends most of his time in the wide forest of Pendleheim, scouting the woods for any threat that could cause harm to her step-mother and half-sibling's groove. He lives under a massive trunk, a hole leads to a simply furnished chamber. Phineas doesn't own much, but he doesn't need to, he lives a simple life when is not adventuring For the Empire.



Physical Traits[edit]

Long dark hair raining down is back, rough skin and bent posture defines this little one. Not the one to communicate with strangers, but still acts friendly around people, keeping a smile on his face while walking around inhabited areas.

One must expect him to smell horribly bad, knowing that he lives on the woods with boars, but surprisingly, keeps himself fairly clean. The main reason was that Fern hated seing him been treated like an animal, therefore she forces him to wash himself every other day.


Armor and Weapons[edit]

His first weapon was made from the jaw bone of a dead bear he sharpened for countless hours. He refers to it as "his tusk", it being what he had to defend himself from predators.

Bone weapon.jpg "My Tusk"

He asked a blacksmith for a stronger tusk saying that he would give the shiny pieces that her sister has. Fortunately, Fern caught him taking the gold pieces. Even so, She was willing to pay for it ... for the right price, not letting Phin getting scammed by the blacksmith. He return to her with an inwardly curved blade, hiding it wrapped in a piece of cloth. He knew Fern's mother won't appreciate him having a metal crafted weapon, regardless, he proudly showed it to his sister stating that it felt really cold to the touch.

Cold Tusk "Cold Tusk"

“Sssssh ... Look it. Is strong tusk ! Do not tell she ... ”
— Phin, showing "Cold Tusk" to Fern for the first time - 5 years ago


While hunting, he brings his well crafted bow and a bunch of arrows along. He has no use for quivers, finding it too cumbersome progressing through the wild.

Apart from that, he wears an unkempt leather armor and uses a mundane wooden shield that remains on his back most of the time.

Other possessions[edit]

- Wooden Cart to move big game hunted

- Panpipes, elven crafted (that's what the shop owner stated)

- Case with Fern's map and charcoal to note anything special on a copy of it.

- Components pouch, Trinkets and focuses Fern gave him, he uses them when he tries to commune with nature

Personality Traits[edit]

I've been isolated for so long that I rarely speak, preferring gestures and the occasional grunt.

I am more comfortable around animals than people

I don’t put much stock into money. I would rather have things that are useful or beautiful than valuable. I don’t need material possessions to keep me happy


- Trust - Above all it is to open oneself up to others, as brothers and sisters, discovering them, encountering them.

- Friendship - Relationships matter to me more than material goods.


I feel grateful to Fern and I want to impress her.

I'll accept any task given to me that would prove my worth


There's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.

I am impulsive. I often follow my whims even when it’s inappropriate



3 years old got lost in the wild (parents get killed). The father's obsessions , Fern takes care of him

Spent the next 13 years in the wild. At the beginning moments : first hunt , life with boars

Since then, coop with the boars to find food and protection. Life among them , Panpipes , first contact with humanoïds

Boarnardo = Brother to him

When he was 11, he got severely wounded by a worg defending Oriana, Fern's mother. Event's consequences : left shoulder scar , boar's help , his own tusk

At 16 years old, Fern convinces him to reunite with civilisation, his new name "Phineas Deen" , the need to prove himself

Before the Empire[edit]


A thud awakes the small infant wrapped in blank sheets, then the sound of steel hitting the ground drags him out of bed. Scarred, he approaches the main room of the house. On the ground, the warm corpse of his mother laying on the ground, in front of a crackling fire. Stepping on the crimson red blood filling the gaps of the stone floor, the frightened child runs to the open door only to see his father driving away the family wagon into the night. With all his efforts, he barely makes it to the back of the vehicle, still hanging to the sheets soaked in blood.

Hours later, the carriage stops by the tree line of Pendleheim's forest. The young boy calls for his father, but never gets an answer as the man goes deeper in the woods. Trying to fallow on his short legs, the child eventually gets lost in the darkness of the wilds. The foliage being taller than him, the poor child quickly gets tired and every sound around him makes fear grow inside him as the time passes by. As a terrifying scream pierces the heavy silence, a surge of adrenaline rushes through his veins and makes him run as fast as he can away from the cries. In his precipitation, he stumbles on roots and as he looks up, a golden haired young girl is looking at him amazed. Overwhelmed by recent events ,he faints, looking at the loving familiar face in the eyes as everything goes black.


When he wakes up, the boy finds himself surrounded by warm packs of fur.He feels something wet trying to graze the hair behind his ear. When he turns he sees a small pink snout.

The Present[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Quest Journal For the Empire Season 1

Calm after the Ice storm[edit]

With the help of a contact in the Empire, Phineas recruits 22 orphans for the “Boar Scouting Squad”. He teaches them how to track, find food in the wilderness, handle wild animals. The main goal is to scout the area and report any anomaly around. Phineas will use his gold to provide equipment.

The scouting squad is divided in 3 different parties ( 6 in each) and the last one would be Phin's First Sergeant ("Grey"). In each party, a Sergeant ("Talon ", "Silent hoof", "Thick hide") will command their respective "sounders".


“Grey” -Gregory 11y/o- farm boy from the surroundings of Stenrael, the most promising one. Phineas will help him bound with a young wolf

“Talon” -Funicella Delaoya 15y/o- daughter of Gilgani merchants, lost use of her left eye to a goblin in Vashrael

“Silent hoof” -Cyrus 12y/o- the mother of this young half-elf used to be a waitress in the local tavern of Stenrael

“Thick hide” -Agostino 13y/o- son of a baker from Gudreal

Deen's Foreƨters[edit]

As Phineas financial resources are not unlimited, A self-financing project is developed by Funicella to provide the orphans with enough founds to survive by themselves. Hunting and fishing equipment has been ordered from the Empire City, several, well crafted traps, nets and fishing rods. Phineas and Gregory are preparing a carriage to get materials to build a small workshop, a hen house and fences. Meanwhile, Cyrus and Agostino reunite some of the sounders to craft small wicker basket, while others go to nearby farms to buy a couple healthy chickens.

After a few days and a collective effort, the place begins to look like a small farm despite numerous tents on the background. Apart from the roofless hen house, everything seems to be more or less complete. The workshop houses a butcher table and diverse utensils, leaning against the wall, some rabbit and other rodents skin rest on tanning racks. Half dozen of grain and flour bags are stored in what appears to be a granary. A little further away, an isolated stone oven was built. You can see Agostino bustle around it, and the smell of warm bread fills the air. He shouts, and as he does, dozens of children burst out of their tents towards the young baker, they gather all around him and in a cheerful mood, they pass warm morsels of bread to one another.

Deen's Foreƨters

Season 2[edit]



a favor from an individual scholar or bureaucrat within the Imperial Citadel.


Hero of Dernvale - locals in in the region of southern Gilgani and with the Karakoon orc tribe will look upon you with greater respect and may go out of their way to assist you in the future

Coalition Reputation - Southern Coalition Forces


Tunnel Runners - You gain advantage on Survival checks made to navigate a goblin hive as well as Investigation checks to identify goblin tracks.

Coalition Training - You gain +1 to a skill of your choice (Stealth)


Goblin weaknesses - They are weak to Fire and Sonic damage


Ancestral Charm - you gain a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls and to the saving throw DCs of your cleric spells (totally not copy/pasted from Kala's character wiki page)

+1 Goblin Chitin armor - Equivalent to a +1 studded leather armor

Friends and allies[edit]


WarRibbs |+++++| - His Boar companion but most of all, his brother by heart. Both grew up together helping each other to survive. WarRibbs saved Phineas when he tried to save Oriana, Fern's mother. Saved Phin's life when he lost his arm.

Fern |+++++| - His half-sister and the one who saved and took care him since the night their father killed Phineas's mother. She thought him almost everything he knows asides of hunting. Phin keep an eye on her when adventuring, he would rather get severely wounded than she gets hurt. Saved Phin's life when he lost his arm.

Pug |++++| - In Phin's eyes, Pug is like Fern, He knows everything. Unlike his sister, the old man emanates an aura that disturbs the young halfling, an aura of overwhelming knowledge and a heavy presence, ... just as if he wasn't from this world ... Phin is looking forward to learn from what he has to teach. Saved Phin's life when he lost his arm.

Waltom |+++| - First comrade-in-arms, Waltom took the time to teach Phin a few things to better prepare for a harsh confrontation against goblins. Phin hopes he gets a chance to fight alongside the ranger. Saved Phin's life when he lost his arm.

Ychet |++| - A Tiny white owl he saved from a goblin's hive in Dernvale. She was kept with other animals in a large pantry , she was hurt and Phin took care of her after the eradication of the warrens.

Thorkel |+/-| - He has powerful magic ... that's what makes him scary ...

Torinn |++| - Despite his appearance, he has a really cool looking boar skull emblem. I'm sure i can take him down in a duel. Saved Phin's life when he lost his arm.

Jaedis |++| - Strong and authoritative woman. She commanded troops against the goblin's infestation.

Nazdrak |+++| - The Orc mounted warrior Phineas looks up to. He's more than a comrade-in-arms, Phin sees him as a big brother figure. He was promised a battle, He'll not forget.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Phineas doesn't go unprepared on a hunt or quest. He takes the time to commune with nature, finding allies among the wilderness. If forced into combat, he unleashes well-placed arrows into his enemies before charging in the melee on WarRibbs's back. Once in melee, he fights recklessly using is own fighting style, counting on Fern to have his back.

Wild Boar Fighting style[edit]

Phin has a unique fighting style that specializes in combat with more than one opponent. Swinging bottom up with "Cold Tusk", blows are directed to single, very vulnerable areas in order to provoke organ rupturing or bone-breaking injuries. This technique is extremely efficient in close-quarters fighting and the Boar's Wild charge allows you to close the gap very effectively. Combined with the charge of a real Boar, this fighting style is deadly.

His physical training involves running and jumping high in addition of wrestling with his brother. He practices attacks from positions of absolute unpredictability or seeming helplessness.


  • He's terribly jealous of Fern's ability to change herself into an animal (particularly when wild shaping into a boar).
  • Phineas Deen is the name of the author of the book on which he learned to read - "The Spring Reader"
  • WarRibbs was just born when Phin got into the herd.
  • Phin doesn't understand why Fern is ashamed of her hair, She taught him that everyone is different and no one can tell us how to live our lives.