Manah Rathmore

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Manah Rathmore
Vital statistics

Race Hellion
Occupation Imperial Inquisitor / Tavern Owner
Age 27 years old
Social Standing Imperial Liasion
Physical attributes
Class Warlock 6 / Sorcerer 3
Height 5'6"
Weight Undisclosed


Physical Traits[edit]

A young hellion with silver hair and light purple skin. Though she's not completely physically mature yet, appearing to be similar in development as a 17-year old human female, she carries herself with a strange mature confidence that causes others to doubt her age.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Manah wears studded leather armor for protection; light enough to travel in while still providing adequate padding.

Manah prefers to use her words to do combat, but if she keeps a quarterstaff to help dissuade would-be pickpockets and ne'er-do-wells. For more serious threats, she carries a pair of daggers and a hand ax, which she mostly uses for intimidation. If all else fails, she'll begin slinging Eldritch blasts at her attackers.

Personality Traits[edit]


After being disillusioned with the people she called family for the majority of her life, Manah is suspicious of strangers, and expects the worst of them.

Positive Traits[edit]

Despite her reluctance to open up to others, Manah would rather make a new friend than a new enemy. They may not end up being close friends, but burning bridges closes many paths.

After spending many years away from the general population, Manah has developed a curiosity about the wide world and its many peoples. While she may know how people act, she's interested in learning why they do what they do. Her curiosity isn't limited to the living; a highly biased education has left her seeking the truth about the history of the world.


Before the Empire[edit]

Manah lived with her parents in relative poverty in a village a day's travel from Tabernac. However, at around age 6, she was abducted and sold to a temple of acolytes of Ashrael the Subjugator. The temple's purpose was to train and coordinate new agents for the New Hellborn Dominion: a group whose goal was to restore Hellions to the seat of power in the land. To this end, they began indoctrinating Manah immediately, suppressing any outside influences on her personality, and training her as an agent of subterfuge.

Manah's teachers were older members of the New Dominion; agents too old or too injured to run missions. Their lessons were coated in vitriol for the other races of Elara while enthusing the natural superiority of the hellborn. While the young acolytes were assigned various chores around the temple, the worst jobs were reserved for the Unworthy; hellions that were not of pure blood or were seen as traitorous, who had been beaten down and degraded to the point that they were little more than mindless slaves.

As she grew older, she was taught about the old glory days of the Hellborn Dominion, and the monstrous, horrid humans that brought it down. Outside the classroom, Manah was sent on short, safe reconnaissance missions outside the temple, testing her socials skills by extracting as much information as possible out of barkeeps and travelers. At first, she resented her targets, as she thought them beneath her. However, as she con Though she was taught to hate non-hellborn, pity was what she felt for her targets. To her, these beings lacked the understanding of what a Hellion-led government would provide them, and deserved a chance to 'see the light.'

Manah's training came to a head when she was assigned the task of breaking a new hellion who she was told was an Unworthy. With one of her instructors coaching and encouraging her, Manah spent several hours torturing the young girl. As the intensity of the techniques increased, Manah became more and more hesitant to proceed, but her instructor encouraged her to continue. Obeying her superior, Manah proceeded with the torture, however it was not the will of the acolyte that broke, but her body. She died as Manah was performing one of the final techniques she was taught. "Hmph, at least it was useful as a training dummy," her superior scoffed as he left the room, leaving Manah alone with the corpse of the now lifeless acolyte. As she cleaned the torture room and prepared the body for disposal, found an odd item hidden in the acolyte's clothes: a short red hair ribbon. For a moment, Manah puzzled as to why someone would keep such a pointless effect on their person and why she herself was so drawn to it. It took only a second for the realization to hit her: it was almost exactly like the ribbons her mother used to tie in her hair, before she came to the temple. With that realization, the facade her indoctrination put up came crumbling down.

Gazing around a room full of devices designed to cause pain and despair, Manah asked herself "What are we doing here? Why are we doing this? Why am I doing this?" The implications of that final question rang circulated her head as she robotically finished cleaning the room. The for the next few days, Manah performed her duties on auto-pilot, consumed by the conflicts in her head. She had killed a person, someone with a mother and father, family and friends, hopes and dreams. It was late one night, while idling playing with the ribbon as sat in her bunk, that she decided that this place was evil. The instructors evangelizing hate, the lessons in causing both physical and emotional pain, the organization it was creating, everything the temple stood for; it all needed to be cleansed. At this declaration, Manah felt a warmth coming from the ribbon. She felt it grow to an unquenchable inferno, accompanied by an mesmerizing incandescence. Taking this to be a sign of the soul of deceased acolyte and the burning passion of life itself, Manah made pact to cleanse the world of the blight of the temple, and to redeem herself. Feeling a new power surge into her, Manah acted quickly and decisively. A visit to the Unworthy sleeping pits and then to the dorms of the younger acolytes to save those who might still be redeemed was the first order of business. The second was to burn the temple to the ground. Taking advantage of the lack of Unworthy to now sound the alarm, Manah was able to light small fires in key areas of the temple, and finished her rounds with a stop to the torture room. As she lit the final fire, she began to hear shouts of alarm being raised. By the time anyone was roused, the fires had grown too large to be contained, and Manah was able to quietly make her escape. The massive dark plume of smoke against the rising sun of the morning was all she needed to see to confirm her subterfuge had been successful. After escorting the escapees to a guard station belonging to the newly formed Empire in a nearby village, Manah set out to explore the world she'd been absent from for so long, and to escape the reality of the world she'd just escaped from.

The Present[edit]

Finding work as an immature hellion was tough, but Manah found a job delivering packages around the Empire. She's continued to work as a courier ever since, seeing many sights around the land. She generally tries to keep a low profile, as she suspects agents of Ashrael may come seeking retribution. She spends most of her time traveling, delivering packages around the Empire. Spending time alone on the road has given her time to practice the magic granted to her by her pact, and has recently discovered she's capable of channeling the powers of the Aetherium without its help. She remains cautious of others and is hesitant to reveal her magical powers to others.

Its now been several years since the great temple pyre, and Manah felt she needed to give back to the world. With this in mind, she signed up to be an agent of the Empire, in hopes of helping those in need.

After performing some tasks for the Empire, Manah now has a permanent residence in the Hall of Heroes. Recent events have demanded more of her time as an agent of the Empire, so she has stopped her deliveries as a courier. She has, instead, started up a rural tavern, called The Wolf & Dragon, as a means to make money and gather information from travelers.

Asset Journal: The Wolf & Dragon

Quest Journals[edit]

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Skills and Strategies[edit]

When approaching potentially dangerous situations, Manah prefers using diplomacy and/or subterfuge rather than intimidation or force.

Prefers to talk her way out of sticky situations, or avoid them all together through disguises and ruses.

If unable to do so, she can channel the energy of the Aetherium to blast her antagonists from a distance as she makes her escape.


  • She's very evasive when it comes to revealing personal facts, keeping most of her interactions with other agents friendly, but professional
    • Recent interactions with agents of the Empire have left her more receptive of others, but she remains selective with her personal life
  • She always carries a short red ribbon on her person, whether using it to tie her hair back or as a bracelet
  • Her time as a courier influenced her interests: she loves reading books, stargazing, and making shadow puppets act out plays and other stories