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Welcome to the Official TypicalGM Wiki

A player maintained resource which anyone can edit! We currently have 117 articles.

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This is a wiki designed to help introduce new followers of TypicalGM to the past and present campaigns that have been run on the channel as well as a way for veteran members to catch up and reminisce about where we've been and where we're going. Feel free to explore the campaigns, learn more about the players and their characters, and as always, join us on Twitch every stream night for only the highest quality streaming experiences.

Stream Nights Important Links
Saturday 7PM-11PM CST - D&D 5E - Curse of Strahd

Monday 7PM-11PM CST - Cyperpunk 2020 - Night City

Tuesday 7PM-11PM CST - D&D 5E - Twitch Plays D&D: Adventure on the Sword Coast

Wednesday 7PM-11PM CST - D&D 5E - Open Viewer Game: For the Empire

Thursday 7PM - 9PM CST - D&D 5E - Let's Make D&D (Campaign Creation, GM Workshop)

Adventure in the Empire - This is where you can find out about our in-chat viewer entertainment game!

Jobs in the Empire - This is where you can find out about the job classes used in our in-chat viewer entertainment game!

For the Empire - This is the basic information page for the Wednesday night campaign, also has information about how to play and be a part of the empire!

Players Characters in the Empire - A list of all the people of the realm.