Lyle Foreststalker

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“I swear to the gods above I will end your face if you look at another one of my cabbages!”
— Lyle Foreststalker dealing with "Thieves"

Crazy Cabbage man
Striking an epic pose!
Striking an epic pose!
Vital statistics

Race Halfling
Occupation Wanderer and Ex Cabbage farmer
Age 23 years old
Social Standing Reclusive Kook
Physical attributes
Class Ranger 4 Druid 1
Height 3'4"
Weight 40lbs

Lyle is of a very peculiar sort he used to be a earnest and hard working cabbage farmer but one day when trying to fend off thieves he was struck in the head rather hard which knocked something loose in simple fellow he then devoted his life to wandering where he met a creature just as peculiar as himself a Rhinoceros that he took in and shortly named Skruff


Physical Traits[edit]

Not very tall and not very pudgy the Halfling has rather pale skin for how ruddy and rough it was his hair nearly red but it still had hint's on that typical brown and striking emerald green eyes

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Lyle is often seen wearing a tattered cloak which covers his nicked and well worn leather armor with a rather large longbow strapped to the back a quiver filled with arrows followed to the side and hidden underneath the cloak at his back were two sheathes containing his short swords.

Personality Traits[edit]


Lyle is reclusive and often seen as crazy he has a particular distrust of strangers and often accuses random people of stealing his cabbages

Positive Traits[edit]

While Lyle is rather crazy he's got a kind heart and is willing to see these "Thieves" out often saying that they simply need guidance or maybe they've got reasons and simply need to survive. Lyle is also fiercely loyal to his friends as seen with him and Skruff he defends the creature with his life often commanding him to run away when the fight seems like it would become unfavorable for the creature truely he has a love for nature.


Before the Empire[edit]

Before the empire Lyle was a simple cabbage farmer on a near remote farm that lies outside the borders of the empire covered in dense forests living on his own in seclusion wanting to stay away from others as a child he had rescued a baby Rhinoceros from the clutches of some poachers who were looking to make a quick few coins off selling the young creature something in Lyle's mind snapped that day and ever since he's hated sharing the company of people for too long.

The Present[edit]

Lyle has managed to find his stumbling's take him into the lands of the Empire though he doesn't know such a thing exists he is eager to meet new people and has been striking up a reputation as a guide of some sorts managing to trek people across portions of land with relative ease and safety

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Lyle often implements his archery skills in combat commanding Skruff to take a front so that he can shoot from a far however he's at his best when he can ride his beloved companion into the fray using his two short swords in tandem with near reckless charge from his friend the pair would become a windmill of pain as he so puts it Lyle also tends to have an affinity for simply disappearing especially in the presence of woodlands


Season 3, week 1: Near illegible text is scrawled at the top of the leatherbound book as lyle scribbled down "Here I am thinking what have I done. These past few months have gotten me thinking what am I doing with my life... it's all so jumbled.. I miss home... but there's so much out there I saw that giant tree... saw so many grandiose sights. It's intoxicating the sheer immensity of the events that've been surrounding me... yeesh and i'd only just begun... still i'm very much glad that I've survived my encounters... and I'm sure Skruff is glad to be out of that damn situation... still I wonder what would've happened had nobody intervened... we'd both be gone. I've gotten a new respect for the Orc Nazdrak... he's fercious yes... but he harbors a kind of loyalty I admire... and Fern she's kindly and she's an explorer like me... and then there's Tom... he reminds me of.. those games i used to play when I was a child... I think that's enough writing for now..

Season 3, Week 2: So Traveling with Fern and company has really opened my eyes... may be just a little but... i'm not gonna tell i've given 'em the cold shoulder for awhile and i'll keep doing so... Fern still seems to enjoy Skruff though so that's good... i wonder what sparked her... relationship with Nazdrak heh... he seems to be the lucky part... I almost envy It I guess so.. that's why i'm kind of glad i've decided to leave... leave and never come back that's what I'll do... I did it back then I'll do it again .. besides I think it's time... maybe i can call them something other than friend.. y'know so that they don't... get any idea's... the road's gonna be pretty long.