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“A man is only worth the salt of his sweat!”
— Larson

Larson Kierkegaard
To be uploaded at a later date with some sick caption
To be uploaded at a later date with some sick caption
Vital statistics

Race Human
Occupation Baker and Innkeeper
Age 33 years old
Social Standing "Owns the Best Inn in town! ...probably?"
Physical attributes
Class Fighter 3
Height 6'3"
Weight 220 lbs (99.8 kg)

He grew up sad and poor with his dear twin sister Larindi. They were able to find menial labor at a local inn in return for some small lodgings. They continued on like this for years until his sister decided she wanted more for her life and ran away in order to be a dancer and public performer. Larson eventually grew up while building his body by hefting heavy supplies around. The innkeeper took a liking to Larson and would occasionally ask adventurers to tutor him while staying there. As he got older, the innkeeper passed away. Having no children of his own, Larson inherited the inn, along with the debt the inn owner had to the local landowner. He vows to pay the debt and make the inn the most comfortable place for passing travelers.



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