Krutikov Yaroslav Zakharovich

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“Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.”
— Sun Tzu

Sgt Zakharovich
Recent portrait.
Recent portrait.
Vital statistics

Race Bovak
Occupation Requisition Agent
Age 36 years old
Social Standing Mercenary
Physical attributes
Class Fighter 8 Paladin 2
Height 7'8"
Weight 485Lbs

Krutikov Yaroslav Zakharovich Sargent at Arms, serving the his clan by any means necessary.


Krutikov resembles a rhino in saturate, but has the body of a very large man, except his head which looks almost exactly like a Rhino. He has ivory white skin, and bright red eyes.

Physical Traits[edit]

Krutikov is a very large, built creature. Arms look almost like tree trunks, legs are massive. ...

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Krutikov's armour is a brilliant goldish colour, with his rank in a dark red colour on the right arm of the armour. Krutikov's weapon is a Halberd a average length Halberd silver lined shaft with writing in Oakmilash stating "Death Comes To All". He also has a rather large rough looking War Hammer, that is charred black as if burned in a thousand fires. Furthermore, he has a large round goldish shield, enough to cover most of his body five feet in diameter. ...

Personality Traits[edit]

I enjoy being strong and like breaking things- In life as in war, the stronger force wins.


I’ll never forget the crushing defeat my company suffered or the enemies who dealt it- my hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning. ...

Positive Traits[edit]

Protects his friends throughout any odds. ...


Will be given at a later time.

Before the Empire[edit]

Before the coming into the Empire, Krutikov was travelling towards the lands that some of said had a great army. So acquiring his items being sent by the leaders he marched off alone. Walking countless leagues to arrive in a war torn land that has lost its unity and from what he understands its purpose. ...

The Present[edit]

Arriving recently from the far lands of his ancestors, Krutikov arrvies into the unknown lands, of the multiple adventures that traveled from his peoples and the ally clans none of come back with any word or news of the lands. But with the desperation of finding new allies and armies to assist in destroying the horde that came into the ancestors homes. Now with just a crude map obtained of one of the forsaken's bodies, Kruitkov walks. After a multiple day journey staying more to the outside edges of the map, he hears a voice call to him by a little tiny creature, it was strange that the voice spoke in the language of historians. It said something so Kruitkov decided to follow for the time, well he followed after taking a arrow to the neck, kindof. Apparently the two other with him are men by the name of Kaghar and Rufus. Both apparently can use the parapsychological arts. But after leaving the forest they met with a boatman that wasn't a boatman, and invited them to meet some random prince guy.

So after we get to this prince, we find this weird figure wearing a mask, squeaky voice sounds like a rat. He afford a slave army, should of killed him were he stands slaves are worthless. But he talked to the two other ones for awhile. Afterwords he gives the one named Rufus a letter to give to some other person apparently part of a rebellion against the ruling nation. You would think they would learn a lesson or two but guess all the nations are like this. Damned fools if you ask me. But otherwise he hands the letter to the Rufus one and leads us to a weird stone which we had to slice our finger and atone ourselves to it, of course it was so close to the floor a ant could touch it.

But after going through the portal we arrive in a cave, and walking out of the cave we find ourselves on a cliff. Them noticing a friend of theirs we decided to climb down the cliff. Once we got down we were met by their friend and two fools, the one thinking I am a mere animal, should of killed him were he stands. But I don't think the other two would like that too much, will have to screw with the fool later on. Didn't take too long for it to happen either, once we got to the cabin they decided to lay a trap for some poor bugger, but when the two of them went to go wash dishes with the Manah one, Rufus decided to say to start a fire, didn't say where, so I built it behind the cabin. Foolish of me, I forgot to get a big stick to trap the fool and his friend into the cabin to let them cook for awhile. But as said I was a fool and forgot. After the burning business they woke me up, and decided they wanted to go take a walk in the forest, while walking we walked into a little bit of a tangle with some thorns. While fighting the bugger had to do some runnin work, hate the runnin work, getting buggers out of a trap like normal. But we managed to beat up the thing, and it decided to leave us alone. Afterwords we decided to go back to the cabin, which once we got back the two fools were still not there.

Starting a watch with Manah, we went to sleep, she woke me up in the middle of the night and started talking about some guy that needed some help killin a mask figured, thought she might be talking about squeaky. Apparently I was wrong, but anyway. In the morning the group started discussing what we should do, they started arguing about everything. Bah, I was sick of listening to it, walking outside noticed what I assumed was the man Manah was talking to, seemed like a decent fellow. Wanted to get something down to protect his homeland, know the feeling. Afterwords we started to follow'em up to the mansion. When we got inside it was dead inside, and apparently met a friend of Rufus, who wanted to mess with'em. It was quite a fight that is for sure, most of them went down. Khagar and I managed to stay standing, got a good swing and this globe which managed to dissipate whatever the bugger was at the end. All of us managed to survive, except the woodsmen. But from what he said I doubt that was he actually form. Especially with the flowers.

Season Two[edit]

Season Two Episode One.[edit]

Receiving a message to guard and protect a Lascarii by the name of Sansangda? Heads out to meet with Manah and these two others which went by the names Leo and the other by the name Ellios.

Arriving and the meeting place of the Lascarii Manah meets a man and she talks with him for a while, after that we met the “Lady” who was quite a nuisance the whole entire time bitching about needing wine, needing water for her feet bla a bla a bla. Arriving at the next stop for the child we stop at one of the training grounds of some of the Empire’s Regiments, complaining about wanting to see some people fight and die. So going up to one of the captain’s Kruitikov asks if they have any prisoners or whoever that he wouldn’t mind getting hurt enough to make them look “dead”, but not be able to convince the captain to let him have some, but also asks if the captain would fight instead of saying he would the captain leads Kruitkov to a man named Antipedes a sword master for the Empire training the soldiers. Trained in the powers of the Eldtrich, Antipedes and Kruitkov have a short conversation while walking out to the center of the area between the common soldiers and the Lascarii.

During the battle Leo sends an insult at Antipedes almost instantly during the fight, Kruitkov watches Leo get brutally cut down almost right after the battle starts, like a mere child he went down pathetically. Thought Antipedes does call a medic for the bugger. After taking Leo down Antipedes focused on Kruitkov while casually attacking Ellios here and there, Antipedes attack fast and often lighting fast attack at least what seemed as if by a gods speed hitting six times. With a couple getting passed Kruit’s speeds but not many, but when they pass they did a large amount of damage. But not being able to get enough hits against Kruit, Kruit and Ellios were able to chip away against Antipedes until finally he was hurt enough that it was time to stop the battle. Bowing Antipedes finishes the battle, and asks if Kruitikov would like to join him for a drink, and asks is the other two deserve to have one as well, Kruitkov says the one does also deserve the drink, the other can sleep.

Entering the tent, Kruit obtains a drink from Antipedes(or wine bearer) after which Kruit sits and starts talking to Antipedes about how he learned to fight as he did, as some other things for about 30 minutes, till Kruit tells Celeborn that while this would be a great place to stay and let the child sit for a while, that duty does call and sometimes the best training is to listen to someone complain about everything.

Getting back to the chair, Kruit listen’s to Sansangda bitch for x amount of time, that just tells her that it is advised for soldiers that where amour to clean up so that the armour doesn’t stain or get destroyed, like cleaning a ship deck every day. Afterwords takes her to whichever locations that she also wants to go.

Season Two Episode Two.[edit]

After a long week of training with when he could with Antipedes, Kruitkov goes and speaks with the Captain that he had spoken with before, and thanks him for letting him fighting Antipedes instead of wasting someone else’s life, after stating this he asks if he could train with any of the units to further learn more how the Empire works within itself as a military, given the opportunity to do so he will train with the unit that the officer assigned him to during the week.

Afterword hearing about a group going into the woods to fight some bandits, Kruitkov assimilates himself into the unit that Antipedes advises is heading up, to go into the forest. Assisting some of the newer soldiers to pack their bags better, making sure they have enough provisions/checking to make sure their swords are sharp enough.

During the travel there Kruitkov will travel on the left side of the unit, keeping that side safer from potential surprise attack. Being a quiet observer except when any of the other officers would casually ride by or ask him anything.

Arriving at the camp, Kruitkov will dig himself a foxhole on far end on the camp where possible danger could come from, afterwords he will go and check the fortifications making sure any defenses can withstand a surprise assault

Season Two Episode Three[edit]

Waking up in his fox hole hearing some random argument from inside the camp, Kruitkov decides to go over to the cauldron to grab some food to listen in on the conversation. Seeing a Charcoal Grey man taking off his armour for the fear of drowning in some mud, and being touched by Samsanga, after a bit when Samsanga started walking away Kruitkov walks up to the group and pokes a bit of fun at the one they call Nazdrak, who apparently is being accompanied by Kaghar, and the woman Jaedis. Following the group to the bank of the swamp, listens to them bicker more about which way to go and how to get over there, ending it Samsanga casts some magic for the group to be able to walk on water and if it were land and the group heads over the water, after a bit once the group makes it over they notice that no one is around, Kruitkov decides to walk over to the one building that was said to have supplies in it manages to not notice a trap and falls into a small pit, swinging his hammer he obtains some of the spikes that were not destroyed using them a pitons climbing out of the hole trying to get to the group with them stating and yelling about getting attack. But with no signs of any enemies about except a couple arrows in some of the party, Kruitkov goes over to the building he was trying to already get to, and obtains some of the items that were there.

Season Two Episode Four.[edit]

While drinking from a cup while Manah and Samsanga walk back over the water, they talk together for a bit before getting across that lake to easier talking distance. They talk about how the Lascari can communicate better with themselves, while land dwellers cannot normally. After a bit she says a thing about following your leads, and asks Nasdaq agrees with the emperor and if he would kill him if it was it was for the greater good. Then questions Jaedis the same question saying she wouldn’t be able to do it because she has known him for long enough to trust him while Nazdrak wasn’t sure. 

Krutikov asks her what she would do for someone that you love, would betray your own people for someone you love, not everyone has the same knowledge your people of what everyone else feels at times.

She states how that people being different can be a danger to her people. How her people are one of the strongest and that humans are fractured and are brutal. That they do whatever they can for their own advancement. How the Orcs are the closest to the land species to the Lascarii. Krutikov picks up a flower starts rambling. Do you know something, you have things in the water like this, I have things like this in my lands. To some people it represents something, hope. I have seen things that I don’t want to see again, I have done things I don’t want to do again. I came to these lands for hope, my people can destroy whatever menace back there, but I was sent there to obtain help to where we will not be utterly messed up doing, where there is only a couple left. I don’t know your people well, I probably never will. I don’t like water that much, you have to realize you are on something that you don’t like much. But you were sent here for a form of hope, yes your people can probably destroy whatever your facing, but what cost will it be, how many will die, how many will never hear again.

Samsanga goes on how we don’t lack solidarity, and that she crossed a line that we let her just cross just because. That they are still weak and that they need to learn. That they still have a chance, that they can still prove that they are worthy of their aid.

They investigate a body for a while, believing that it was magical, while Kruit just stands over it rather confused. How they should just cut off a piece of him that is magical but believed that it could explode. Kruit throws the body parts into the pit. After which they get lost in the forest for quite a while. Follows random invisible voice for quite a long time, making it to a strange area with dark shadows crawling in the trees. He calls out if there was anyone that and that they would like to speak to whoever is there. Standing there for way to long of a time, talking about random things, giving Jaedis an amulet to give to the queen, and being told to run for whatever was there wasn’t nice. But they were given the information to reach the bandit camp.

Season Two Episode Five.[edit]

After leaving the bulk of the forest behind, on the outstretch before them stood a scaling mountain, with a old stone ruin on top of it. Talking for quite awhile whether they should talk about either going up the path to the stone ruin, or if they were going to look around to find a different path. After a short debate they decided to up the path, on their way up the path falling rocks disabled and knocked Manah down into part way down the mountain. Using a rope Kruit straps it to his shield throws the rope down and assists Manah to climb back up the mountain. After this ordeal they continue to climb the mountain getting to the top of it, finding multiple dead humans on the ground they go up to investigate the area, after a short stint on top the mountain a crystalline dragon swoops down and attacks the party, which refused to land and fight but to pick up the party and cast them onto the ground, after a fierce fight of the party with Krutikov attempting to assist the party with what he could do, after finally dwindling down the dragon it finally was defeated with Manah and Krutikov stuck inside the ruins, who were finally dug out about an hour later. Getting out of the ruin that were made extra ruined, Kruit finds out that one of the party is deciding to marry Samsanga even though he wasn't planning on it, grinning about the luck he decides to loot the dead bodies of the humans who were on the ground.

Season Two Episode Six.[edit]

Waking up in the morning, Krutikov notices that some of the other group seemed concerned. Saying something he finds out that Samsanga has decided to run away. Looking for close he finds nothing of importance, so he decides to pack up the gear and create a small pull-able cart for him to carry any extra gear that no one would have to be heavy ladened, on the way back Krutikov doesn’t say anything he just keeps walking. Arriving back at the citadel, Kruit will assist getting whatever gear the others wanted to be brought where ever they wanted it to be brought to. After which Krutikov starts heading towards one of the pubs he knows of to get himself some drinks, arriving at the pub drinks for the rest of the day/night. Waking up in the morning he goes and obtains himself a quill/paper and heads back to the same pub and drinks while he is doing his report for Councilor Surgot. While writing he hears some arguing outside, so he goes out to observe what is going on, when he steps outside he sees multiple of the men that where the grey cloaks and he sees a dwarf wearing some tattered clothes, a rather nice sword. Walking over to the dwarf he holds up his shield and yells at the men to bugger off. That the dwarf is with him, and invites her to come into the bar with him. When they get inside he asks her, her name. Buying her some food and drink they talk for a while, eventually Kruit asking if she would like a job assisting some of the more down trotted demi-humans around the area obtain objects that they had lost to be returned to them. So starting the Krutikov Requisition Agency. Around the weeks end Kruit hears that their will be a search party to go hopefully find Samsanga, so hoping to not have the same problems he had the last time he goes out and obtains some equipment before heading to the rendezvous area.

Season Two Episode 7-End.[edit]

After hearing about the party, he goes out and buys some supplies that he will need for the trek obtain multiple different items including a Mule. Giving a letter to the dwarf to start looking a good location north from the Capital away from most the standard human settlements and more around demi-humans. After which he grabs his gear and starts following his group to the Three Rivers, arriving finally with the group right after they finished talking with King Tuk Tuk. While Crossing they are stopped by a group of the shroud, talk for awhile, and secure a meeting with Samsanga the new supreme ruler of the Shroud, having a long talk with Samsanga. The next day they wake up to an apparent sound of fighting and battle from across the way, Kruit gets up to find out whats going on finding out that a group of legionaries have attacked the other side of the lake, finding this out talking with the group they decide to cross the lake to the group, making it to the over side they have a conversation with Antipedes and getting no were they decide to retreat back across the lake, and have another long talk with Samsanga and decide that it would be best to invite some of them over for a conversation, and to send a forged letter to the other side so when they back they will decide to leave. When the party arrives Kruit decides to stay outside the meal and stay at the door, after a time Kruit notices that not all the men went inside so he goes out to check, and finds that they are out at the docks, so he decides to go back up, on the way back up he notices a rather grumpy man so he just walks past him, while going past him he sees another man coming up calling for him to come up. Getting back up he notices all the men are outside the room eating instead of being inside, after a time Antipedes comes out looking quite frazzled, after which Kruit goes into the dinning hall, sits down and eats with the random wizard no where to be seen, and he starts eating noticing another random person that he has not seen before.

Season Three Plus Season Three Downtime[edit]

After staying for a short time at Three Rivers, Kruit hears about rumors of a pending doom of a city being besieged by unknown monsters, arriving at the city with some companions, they decide to go obtain some water, while going to get the water, they happen upon some of these monsters, finding them too strong to fight they decide to sneak in and obtain the water, retrieving it and going back to the city, to find the city under attack. After the attack Kruit stays with the guard to help repair the damage done, after a while he gets information about a strange occurrence and goes and helps in this situation. During this time Kruit becomes semi friends with some Geese, and is able to get into the Upper Quarter of the city through the area the Geese live. While in the Quarter the happen about some richer folk who believe that they are the entertainment for the party, going into the party it is given sense that there is a vampire essence in the area. After some random happenstance, they are left to meet with this vampire who gives them some information and they meet another man who is trying to achieve something. Which leads them to going to the Capital which arriving there, they find out that the newer ruler was consumed by a being known as Wadsworth, figuring that the only current possible source on these beings would be in the Capital, Kruit makes a decision that gave him the ability to stay in the Capital at a very great cost.

Season three-four downtime. After being fitted into a suit of armour that binds Kruit into the armour through a manner of mechanical devices being fitted onto certain bones of the body, and sent to fight and get rid of failed experiments through battle. But otherwise, when he is not being forced to do such things, Kruit goes to the Capital’s library and starts attempting to research as much as he can about the Primeevils and Primemortals. During which Kruit is able to use the resources scattered around the Library learning the thoughts and ideals of the Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, and possibly entries from some Abysmal texts that Kruit did not realize they were not in his common language. During his studies he made sure to make constant notes of rare notes of what they possibly looked like, beliefs of locations rumors noted sightings of these beings, and any information about them or thoughts of what they believed they were doing.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Head first. ...