Kaghar the Wizard Smith

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“My work is second to none”
— Kaghar

Mage Smith
Mage Smith
Vital statistics

Race Human
Occupation Smith
Age 28 years old
Social Standing Hero
Physical attributes
Class Wizard 10
Height 6'3"
Weight Undisclosed


Physical Traits[edit]

Tall, thin, and frail looking; Kaghar makes up for his obivious lack of strength with his high intellect. He has a unique tattoo of a nautilus on the web of his thumb. A recent run in with an assassin has left Kaghar with scar across his right eye.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Kaghar finds standard battle attire to be cumbersome; restricting his ability to work and cast spells, so he typically adorns himself in a fine cloth robe. Even while wearing a robe he refuses to wear a shirt stating that he is able to move better without one. After clearing his name the Empire gifted him a staff which he uses now.

Personality Traits[edit]


His obsession with how magic interacts and is woven into objects causes him to take risks to get his hands on rare and priceless magical items. He doesn't let morality effect his decision making as long as it helps him at the task at hand.

Positive Traits[edit]

Kaghar works hard to be the best at his craft making him a very reliable source of weapons and armor. He is very charismatic and friendly to those he considers friendly and potentially able to help him further his objective.

Season 1[edit]

Before the Empire[edit]

He spent his youth as an apprentice to the local guild; fine tuning his skills as a smith. His efficiency with producing large quantities of goods caught the attention of the fledgling empire where he was contracted to help arm the soldiers.

The Present[edit]

Kaghar has completed his apprenticeship and is the newest member of his guild. Through his work with the empire he was able to save up enough to open his very own smithy. Although the smithy is basic at best; he works to upgrade it's capabilities while working on his research.

Kaghar has been recently answering the calls of help from the Vignon family. He first heard that one of them went missing and tried using his contacts to track him down with no luck. After information started leaking out that Thylar Vignon had been found dead down at the perfumed district he made sure to offer his services to the council members who were tasked in finding the truth of this strange death.

The investigation led them to one of the perfumed districts more 'questionable' establishments. It was at the crime scene that Kaghar found the strange obsidian dagger lodged into Thylar's back. After concluding the crime scene yielded as much information it possiby could; they went on the search for the buildings owner. Only it was the buildings owner; Bruno, that found them. Bruno immediately took a fancy to Kaghar who then began to question Rufus about 'acquiring' Kaghar. He began the ruse to allow the party to get Bruno alone in his chambers. Bruno began to grope Kaghar much to his displeasure. After continued questioning couldn't break Bruno's fixation on the Mage that was displayed in front him. Kaghar attempted to intimidate some answers from Bruno which failed horribly. After their encounter with the shady pimp and a run in with an obnoxious high lord, their travels led them to a docked Luscari ship. Jaedis was able to negotiate their way onto to ship and an audience with the Augur was granted. The augur was able to show Jaedis the true events that took place that dreadful night and allowed the party to answer the councils questions.

Kaghar is not one to take on companions to travel or work with but finds Rufus and Jaedis to be trustworthy and helpful in his future exploits.

Kaghar has now developed an obsession with Luscari culture. He believes that they hold the keys to helping him further is own research in magical items.

Quest for the 'bauble'[edit]

After hearing of a request from Ethelm Farspeaker, emissary of the Ffellaren clanholds, Kaghar decided that it would be best to offer his services to prevent an uprising that would strain the empires resources. After a brief meeting with the emissary he joined by fellow adventurers Poppet Forges and Thorkel Von Thordsson. After receiving details of their mission the group decides in best to head to a local library to get some information from Peren Whitestar. After obtaining what they needed to know they were led by carriage by a driver named Bobbit to the Three Rivers Mercantile Sanctuary. Their trip was halted by a sudden commotion on the top of the carriage. Kaghar noticed Poppet hiding in the corner as Thorkel and himself decided to answer the calls for everyone to empty the carriage. He found these actions to be cowardly and pathetic even for a shroud. Kaghar could not make out what these strange creatures were that decided to stop them; but noticed that they followed one that was slightly larger and carried a unique staff. After dispersing the short group of marauders the party noticed that their driver, Bobbit, was crushed to death by the rock slide that halted them to begin with. Realizing that they were on the outskirts of the sanctuary and that they need a quick way to meet with the town officials; a plan was developed to light the carriage on fire and ride it into the city. Poppet once again decided she wanted nothing to do with the group and kept her distance from Thorkel and Kaghar. This only confirmed Kaghars initial thoughts and now considers her to be unreliable and unpredictable. The plan had unintended results though as the carriage was blown up rather than lit ablaze causing the town guard to come storming to the scene of commotion. Kaghar sensed that a quick excuse needed to be made to explain this attempted deception and told the guard that they stumbled into bandits plotting to attack the town and that one driving this carriage tried to run off but he was able to prevent him from entering. After being questioned by the towns justicar, Thorkel and Kaghar find out the almighty Gimble family has been having a problem with an ambitious family member looking to quickly rise among the family ranks. After gaining an audience and a brief discussion with Elder Gimble the party was able to secure the bauble and prevent an inevitable conflict.

Brotherhood Quest[edit]

After Rufus, Thorkel, and Kaghar were framed for the assassinations at the capital; the Seeker gives them an ultimatum of going on the run and rooting out the true culprits or staying in the dungeons where their executions would be unavoidable. After agreeing to these terms they make their way out of the dungeons where Thorkel proceeds to bid them farewell and flees. Rufus and Kaghar proceed north to start tracking down some information. Finding that there is a separatist movement going on to remove the Empire from power; they are sent to harvest Bovak horn to prove their commitment to the 'cause'. After obtaining the horns and running into another traveling companion in a Bovak they nicknamed 'Krouton'; the party travels further north and end up speaking with a character called 'The jester'. The jester tells them of that the separatists have rediscovered ancient waystones that allow the user to teleport to other waystones connected to each other. He also tells them that Lord Caldori is main contact and that the party is to deliver a message and watch for any hesitation in the request. If there is any they are to exterminate the lord and return for further instructions. The party arrives at the ancient Caldori estate to find it abandoned. After exploring the castle the party ends up in large study where the infamous 'Garduosa' confronts them. After a furious battle the parties nemesis is defeated but not without harm. Kaghar standing on a top balcony and notices that Rufus is laying unconscious and hurls himself to floor below without any concern of his well-being. He lands awkwardly on his ankle and skids to halt at Rufus' side. Kaghar performs some of the best healing that his abilities would allow him to do and was able to revitalize his buddy. After searching the remains of the castle the group was able to gather evidence on multiple families and people connected to the separatist movement and deliver them to the empire clearing their names.

Season 2[edit]

Luscarii Diplomat[edit]

After learning that the Luscarii are sending one of their own as a diplomat into the empire to tour and take notes of their new allies; Kaghar finds it necessary to travel ahead of the procession to make sure that no ambushes wait ahead and no danger would come to the diplomat. He spots a few animal traps left behind by hunters and destroys them so that the Luscarii don't spot them and become suspicious. Other than those few animal traps he doesn't spot any threats that would arise.

Jaedis, Nazdrak, and Kaghar are summoned to meet up with Mannah and escort the headstrong Luscarii to a rumored bandit hideout. Samsanga wants to witness the Luscarri's new allies abilities in combat and requests to assemble a strike force and eliminate this threat. After the party meets up with some of the empires scouts they try and decide the best method of approaching the the supposed hideout of the bandits. Kaghar watched as Nazdrak and Crouton tried to figure out how they were going to cross the bog with all the heavy armor and equipment they were carrying. When the party all meets up at the edge of the bog; Samsanga surprises them all by casting a water walking spell on them to allow a less stressful way to reach the hideout. As they get close and closer Kaghar realizes that the makeshift houses that have been carved into the trees are all abandoned with no one to be found. As the group started to look around the area, a sudden and loud crashing noise comes from the corner, as crouton not noticing a pit trap falls to the ground. At that moment crossbow bolts come shooting from the tree edge. After a furious battle where the party dealt with the stealthy bandits, Nazdrak was able to get his hands on one and obliterate it with all his rage, causing the other bandits to take flight and flee.

Business Affiliations[edit]