Kaalu Balistiki

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“Oh, you scared of a little girl, bak'ka? Fight... ME!”
— Kaalu

Kaalu Balistiki
temp pic of Kaalu
temp pic of Kaalu
Vital statistics

Race Lascarii
Occupation Seige Engineer
Age 18
Social Standing Rebel
Physical attributes
Class Fighter 3
Height 5'2"
Weight 125 lbs (pure muscle)

A rebellious female Lascarii mariner who gives zero kelps. Loves pretty girls, strong drinks, and a good brawl. She does not care one bit for Lascarii social rules. She does not care for her title and insists that everyone calls her Kaaru instead of Balitiki. She does what she wants despite her mother's constant disapproval. She is gay (referred to as Lalayo in Lascari slang). She prides herself in being lalayo (her mother of course disproves this decision as well). She will often use Lascarii slang, even when speaking in Common. When asked to explain the slang words she uses, she will often translate incorrectly.


Physical Traits[edit]

Like most Lascarii, Kaalu is a humanoid with webbed feet and hands, and an all over fishlike or otherworldly appearance. She has turquoise skin, sea green eyes, and teal sponge like hair. She also has several piercings and usually dresses like a hipster pirate, or just wears armor, or walks around naked. She is very strong as far as female Lascarii go, and uses her shortness and dexterity to her advantage when fighting larger opponents.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Kaalu is a master of siege weapons, and manning and maintaining the ballistae was her main job on ship Silvergill. Her favored weapon (when not manning the ballistae of a ship) is the crossbow. When it is necessary for close combat, she uses her bi-dent and shield.





Sucker for pretty girls

Rebellious to a fault

Positive Traits[edit]

Strong, fast, and loyal

Keeps up with the boys

A fair fighter


Before the Empire[edit]

Kaalu was raised on the Lascarii ship Whitewater. Her mother is the Captain of the Whitewater, Augur Maiaku. Ever since she was a child, she has been a total rebel, constantly arguing with her mother and picking fights with her fellow crewmates. She outright refused to follow in her mother's footsteps as an Augur. She skipped her magic training and snuck of to Marine class instead, often swimming to another ship in the fleet in order to do so. She was one of two females in the class, she refused to be at the bottom. As class rankings go, she was ranked 5 out of 30 in her group (which means there were plenty of boys who were bigger than her that she beat to a pulp every day anyways). At about age 15, Kaalu left the Whitewater to work on ship Silvergill to serve under her aunt, the captain of the Silvergill.

The Present[edit]

Kaalu is mostly happy in her current position on the ship Silvergill, but She wants to leave the ship in order to find out who she is, something that she feels she cannot do if she stays with the fleet. She hates that her mother has many expectations for her that she has no intention of doing as her mother wishes. She fears her mother not understanding and disowning her, but it's a chance she feels she has to take.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Mariner fighting style. Siege engineer martial archetype. Is a bit of a tinker and is good at fixing things. Mostly just an all around fighter though. Her favored weapon is the crossbow. She uses her bi-dent when she is in hand to hand combat.



(This is a link to the google doc that contains Kaalu's FTE journal.)

Last update: 07/11/2016


  • Is gayer than a rainbow shining over the San Francisco Pride Parade
  • Magic and Common were her least favorite school subjects
  • She never says no to a fight or a drink
  • She has 3 volumes: loud, louder, and "Kaalu shut up, the entire fleet can hear you"
  • Balistiki is her Lascarii title meaning Of The Ballistae, though she isn't much for titles and prefers just Kaalu.
  • Is likely to make really stupid decisions... all of the time