Jobs in the Empire

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Tier 1 Jobs[edit]

Tier 1 jobs are introductory classes which grant minor bonuses at second and fourth levels with a capstone ability at level five. They have no requirement and are always available no matter your other jobs.

Intuitive Apprentice Warrior Thief Novice Minstrel Woodsman

Tier 2 Jobs[edit]

Tier 2 jobs are specialized into a single area of development which will determine your final job at Tier 3. Tier 2 jobs grant a +1 general bonus at level two and two +1 specialized bonuses at level three and level four. Like Tier 1 jobs, you receive a capstone ability at level five.

Sorcerer Psionicist Wizard Barbarian
Fighter Monk Rogue Cleric
Paladin Bard Ranger

Tier 3 Jobs[edit]

Tier 3 jobs are powerhouse classes that receive three total +1 general bonuses and one +1 specialized bonus as well as your ultimate ability at level ten. Your Tier 3 job is determined by your Tier 2 job.

Archmage Ascendant Sorcerer Assassin Chieftain
Champion Crusader Grandmaster High Priest
Loremaster Psionic Master Stalker

Mutliclass Jobs[edit]

Multiclass jobs require two Tier 1 jobs to be trained to level five. Reaching a multiclass job may be slower as your general bonuses will be lower, but power progression through a multiclass job will be more dramatic than any other progression. Multiclass jobs grant two +1 general bonuses and five +1 specialized bonuses as well as your ultimate ability at level ten.

Arcane Trickster Bladedancer Cerebromancer Druid Geomancer Mindbender Missionary
Mystic Theurge Prophet Psychic Warrior Reclaimer Scout Shadowmind Skald
Spellsinger Spellsword Spy Survivalist Swashbuckler Templar Wildmage