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“Opening yourself up to experience the true love and joy in life also leaves you open to sorrow and loss. A hard truth I've grown to understand. I fear the day when I close my heart to both...”
— Jaedis Averian

Jaedis Averian
Vital statistics

Race Human
Occupation Resistance Agent
Age 29 years old
Social Standing Emissary of the Empress
Physical attributes
Class Celestial Warlock 16/Bard 1
Height 5'7"
Weight Undisclosed

Jaedis Averian was an entertainer by profession and a loyal supporter of the Emperor. Her instrument of choice is a viol, though she also enjoys singing and telling stories. A bright blue crystal amulet serves as her arcane focus and there are a few daggers hidden on her person - for emergencies.

Her first appearance in the Empire was near the end of the Magical Assaults. At that time, unknown magic users were considered highly suspect. Jaedis had to insist multiple times that she was ‘not that kind of bard’ to get any work. She was a Warlock of course, but they didn’t need to know that. Jaedis finally gained true acceptance after helping an operative of the Empire who had been injured during an important mission. Now she finds herself in a position of much more power and trust than she ever expected.

As the world has continued to grow darker around them, she does her best to cling to the hope that they can still make it through...

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Jaedis is a 5’7” human with short, unkempt dark hair and long bangs. Her eyes are an icy blue-gray and often hold a playful twinkle. She is fairly lithe and muscular, though it’s more agility than power - an old injury left her quite lacking in the strength department. Her body also holds its fair share of scars, though most are easily hidden by her clothing. This changed with the addition of a deep, jagged scar across her throat.

A life-changing encounter with the Lascarii granted her a small nautilus tattoo on the web of her thumb.


One will rarely see Jaedis without a white raven nearby or perched on her shoulder. Those with arcane knowledge likely recognize it as her familiar, otherwise it might seem like a simple trained pet. That is, unless they notice the bright spark of intelligence in its eyes or hear it speak. His name is Argent, and Jaedis treats him like a very dear friend. Most assume the raven is just a regular familiar. Within the last year, Jaedis has revealed his true form - that of a small white coautl. Most of the time he remains the size of an average serpent, but with a boost of energy Jaedis can unleash his full power and majesty for a short time each day.

Armor and Weapons

Her armor of choice when out on missions is half plate. It’s an odd choice for a caster, but she seems quite comfortable and somehow makes very little noise while wearing it. She wears a hooded scarf to cover the brutal scar on her neck and also to remain inconspicuous while traveling.
A single dagger is worn on her hip when adventuring for easy access. Two more are secreted away in case she should need them. All three are hidden when she’s working in town to prevent making anyone nervous. The crystal hanging around her neck is all she really needs though - and sometimes not even that. The Empress gifted Jaedis with a scepter as a reward for her good work against the goblins and the Primeval, Tarn. It's simple, but elegant and deceptively powerful.

A gift from her patron, Jaedis' cloak is made of a shimmering grey fabric with a pattern that looks like feathers. Silver inlays and a silver hem accentuate the design. She can will the cloak to morph into a pair of silver-tipped charcoal wings able to grant her flight.

Jaedis received a medallion as a gift from Cailwena, the Augur of the Lascarii Angwar Fleet. Unlike the crystal, she wears it under her clothes to avoid prying eyes and unwanted questions. It is a beautifully stylized compass pendant hanging from a red ribbon. Apparently, obtaining it was part of the Augur's rite to become ship captain. It's very precious to the warlock, and she still can't believe such a great honor was bestowed upon her.


Personality Traits


Though slow to anger, if she manages to get truly pissed off Jaedis can be quite brutal. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing when fighting evil creatures and dangerous enemies. However, there have been a few occasions when she’s continued to mercilessly strike an opponent after they lost consciousness.

After getting her throat slashed by an impostor who looked like a dear friend, Jaedis is a lot more on edge with people getting near her. She will often visibly flinch if anyone touches her unexpectedly or moves toward her too quickly.

Positive Traits

Minus the occasional hotheadedness, Jaedis is a very caring person. Many of the situations she jumps into are a result of her trying to help or protect someone else - even if she isn’t equipped to do so. It’s led to more than a few injuries and misunderstandings in the past.

As an entertainer, she is friendly and outgoing by nature. She always wants people to feel welcome and happy when she’s around. Unless they act like assholes.



Jaedis had a normal childhood with a normal family. At least, she thinks it's normal compared to many others she's heard. Her parents worked hard and worked often in the shop they owned, paying very little attention to their daughter. Even now she believes they did love her - but overall they cared more about their child being useful than being happy. They were very strict and demanding, refusing to allow any sign of laziness. More than once she was told 'Stop being a waste of space'.

Instead of making her selfish or angry, the unhappiness just made her want to spend all her time making other people happy and helping them. This led to her becoming an entertainer and a server at the taverns and inns (despite her parents' disapproval). No matter the reason for their visit, she could make the patrons happy while they were there at least. She could give them one haven.

Once she reached a reasonable traveling age, Jaedis left her hometown to explore the world and bring happiness with her.

Before the Empire

Formerly a simple traveling entertainer, Jaedis received her magical gift around eight years ago. On her way to a new city to expand her repertoire and spread her name, she came across some bandits robbing a small family. Despite her lack of any real fighting experience outside tavern brawls, the reckless bard tried to stop them. Jaedis got a few good hits in but was gravely injured in the fight before being shoved off the edge of a nearby cliff.

There was no way for her to know how long she lay there unconscious in the water, her blood staining the current of the shallow creek at the base of the ravine. Eventually she felt a warm touch on her face. Her eyes opened to find nobody there, but her wounds were magically gone. A gentle, comforting voice seemed to speak in her mind.

“You have a caring heart, dear one. Will you be my champion?”

“I... What?”

A conversation followed that eventually led her to accept a partnership with the mysterious entity. In that moment, she felt a power she’d never known. It would serve her well in the years to come, and she does her best to keep the promise she made.

Arrival and the Magical Assaults

Five years ago, Jaedis made her way across the Empire's borders in search of fame and fortune. It was a dangerous time to make such a move, what with the Magi laying siege to cities all across the country, and it was difficult to even find work for the first few months as she traveled from town to town. Anyone who saw her traveling alone pretty much thought she was crazy and would probably be killed before the day was through, but she could be resourceful when she wanted to be.

Whenever she needed a break in the wilderness, Jaedis would find somewhere secluded and hidden to lie down while she sent Argent to scout around for her. If she felt especially safe, she'd even transfer her senses to be able to experience the things he did. It was during one of these times that Argent stumbled upon a base being used by the Magi to help power their assaults. Normally it would be something they avoided, but when a large explosion blew an opening in the side of the building they felt the need to investigate further. Keeping in telepathic communication, Argent went invisible and flew down to discover the cause. It turned out to be a man who looked like he had somehow managed to take the full brunt of the explosion without being completely decimated - he was not doing well though. It was obvious by his dress that he was no Magus (the angry shouting and alarms were also a good sign), so it seemed apparent that he must be with the Empire.

Jaedis rushed to the location, giving the man what assistance she could to help him escape as he rambled about things she couldn't see. Once they reached relative safety, names were exchanged and she made sure to get him to some healers before heading out to find work in this new town. However, it would not be the last she saw of Surgot Relagallos...

The Present


Officially putting down roots in the Empire’s capital city after the Magical Assaults ended, Jaedis rotates between the various inns and taverns serving as both a bard and a waitress. She also takes on adventuring jobs for the Council when needed. Helping Surgot brought her to their attention initially and after a few years she was invited to be a Junior member as a reward for her consistent service and loyalty.

After a stressful but overall successful mission on the border of Cimmeria and Gilgani, her Council status was removed and replaced with the standalone title of Imperial Executor. This gives her almost complete autonomy, reporting directly to the Emperor and the Seeker.

Jaedis used to live at the Hall of Heroes in the Imperial Citadel. With current events the way they are, she had to flee the city and abandon her former lodgings. They were seized by the Usurper and her belongings therein are now under lock and key.

The rooms were reasonably tidy, but papers and various things tended to get left about. Dust could be found on most surfaces due to how little time she actually got to spend in her chambers. However, the primary windowsill in her bedroom was always spotless. On it there sat two rows of small wooden carvings - a young Lascarii female, a jovial Dwarf man, a solemn robed Supernal, and an intense Orc male on a horse made up the back row; in front of them were a shark and a dolphin that felt damply chill if touched and smelled distinctly of the ocean.

A small locked box was hidden inside a hollow book in her study. It held any gold she didn't carry with her, as well as a crisp note sealed with silver wax and stamped with wings. This was her Last Will and Testament. Its contents and location were known to very few.

Jaedis' study
Jaedis' bedroom


For a while she could most often be found at the Shroud capital of Highspire while the remaining loyalists and their allies made plans to return Elara to the times of peace and prosperity. However an attack by indestructible marble homunculi known only as 'The Foe' have since attacked and turned the city to rubble. The remaining Shroud and their allies are now set up in the area of Joqa Distribution Center on the border of Cimmeria.


The Imperial Couple - Jaedis has a very close relationship with the Empress and the Emperor. Nobody quite understands why, and many rumors get tossed around. It makes her life difficult on some occasions but it's a friendship she would never give up. She believes with her entire being that they are good people and that they only want what's best for the world as whole - regardless of the petty racial squabbling that tries to block their progress. News of the Emperor's death hit her hard, but now with the Empress at her side they plan to bring him back.

Surgot - She considers Surgot a good friend and is always pleased when he stops by whatever establishment she’s working at on a given night. The cocky little shit certainly keeps things interesting. Both in exile from the Empire they used to serve, she only hopes he remains safe in whatever duties he's performing to set things right.

Rufus - Her friendship with Surgot also led to a kindred spirit in his assistant Rufus. Jaedis is constantly concerned he's going to get himself killed - the man has a smart mouth and isn't afraid to use it. Despite his constant attempts to embarrass her, she can't help finding him adorable and hilarious. They've been lovers for the past three years now, and she will do everything in her power to keep him safe.

Kaghar (Deceased) - After working the Vignon murder case and visiting the Lascarii together, she believes Kaghar to be a trustworthy and reliable ally. He and Rufus are always able to make her smile. He does have an odd fondness for taking off his shirt though... Since the Usurper took power, Kaghar has sworn his fealty to the Lascarii leader of the Shroud, Samsanga. Jaedis can't help but be amused by how smitten he is with the girl. But if he takes joy in it, that's what's important. Yet another of her friends that can no longer be by her side, Kaghar was killed helping to retrieve the Crown of Blades - an ancient artifact that they gave to Antipedes so that he may claim the title of Gilgani Bladelord. Some might say the sacrifice was necessary, but that's just not a concept she can accept. If only she'd been there to help.

Nazdrak - Initially just a friendly acquaintance she enjoyed talking to when working at one of the taverns in the Capital, Nazdrak has since become much more. Friend, confidant, comrade-in-arms; all of these apply to the solemn, protective orc. His undeniable power on the battlefield is something she strives to emulate, as power leads to more success in protecting what's important - or so she hopes. She's also quite fond of his unique spirit panther mount, Shadyr. Jaedis is concerned for her friend after the events that transpired with Samsanga and then the chaos and travesties that took place in the Capital upon the Emperor's death. His heart is softer than he lets on, and she would hate to see it break... Though it seemed he finally told Fern his feelings and the two appear happy together.

Pug - Another member of the Meta-Four, Pug is renowned for his tea and the worldly wisdom he imparts freely along with it. He was kind and quietly supportive during the goblin campaign, and proved to be a huge morale boost for the troops during his time with them. Though not sure how old he actually is considering his spryness, Pug reminds Jaedis of her grandfather when he used to visit her as a child. He was invaluable in the battle against Tarn, and she can only pray the toll that battle took on him does not change the old man she's grown to care for.

Manah - The young Hellion accompanied Jaedis on their mission to retrieve Florin and was with her during the devastating assassination at the Capital. Quiet but diplomatic when the need arises, she thinks Manah is an excellent agent of the Empire. There's also a sense of kinship in the knowledge that their use of magic seems to have similar origins. They spent quite a lot of time together in the year before the Empire's shift in power, and it led to a deeper friendship. Though there is still much they don't know about one another, Jaedis finds it easy to trust her.

Waltom (Deceased) - Though she'd heard of his exploits with the self-named 'The Meta-Four', Jaedis didn't meet Waltom until she joined forces with the group to halt the goblin menace in Gilgani. Despite his young age, he proved a capable leader and warrior in the battles as well as the diplomacy that arose. His continuous vocal support of her during her trying time as a surrogate military leader meant a great deal to her, and there was little she wouldn't try to do for him. His death while trying to save the Emperor weighs heavily on her heart, and she still mourns her dear friend...

Jaedis has many other allies she's gained through her adventures, though she can't claim to know them very well.

Skills and Strategies

Jaedis' power continues to grow as events within the Empire build in intensity. A silvery Eldritch Blast is her go-to attack while she preserves more powerful options, but she will manifest Sword Burst should enemies get too close. As her power grows, so does her arsenal...

Argent proves to be quite helpful in many instances with his natural resistances and abilities. Being able to access his senses and even speak through him has been invaluable, and puts her high on the Empire’s list for long distance scouting and messenger missions.


  • Somehow manages to sleep quite soundly in her armor
  • Doesn't talk much about her magical abilities or their origin
  • Sometimes chats with Argent in Celestial
  • Loves rain and starry skies
  • Theme: Fear Not This Night
  • Battle Theme: Angels and Demons

Quest Rewards


Imperial Executor - Inspector-General of the Empire. Reports directly to the Seeker and Emperor. Works outside the council under her own authority.

Lascarii Diplomacy - You have formed a personal bond with an Augur of Fleet Angwar.

Blessed By Angwar - You are considered true allies to the Lascarii nation. You may call upon them for favors or training at any time, but must be willing to give back greater value to the Fleet you serve.


Scepter of Aether-Binding - While holding this rod, you gain a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls and to the saving throw DCs of your warlock spells. In addition, you can regain one warlock spell slot as an action while holding the rod. You can't use this property again until you finish a long rest.

Waverider's Amulet - This compass shaped medallion functions as an Amulet of Protection (+1 to AC and saving throws). The compass is inset with five bezels that all turn independently from one another.  Tiny markings or scratches are inscribed around the circumference of each bezel but none seem to match the others.  Even though the item is made of heavy bronze with silver inlay it floats on water and grants you advantage on Athletics checks made to swim.

Lascarii Augur-mark - You have a small nautilus tattoo on the web of your thumb. You are able to communicate with any Lascarii augurs within 5 miles who desire to communicate with you.

Lascarii Kayak - On the beach you find finely crafted Lascarii vessels carved from the trunks of bangwali trees. You are proficient in these vessels and gain advantage on Constitution checks to pilot them over long distances.

Hall of Heroes - A suite with bedroom, study, and storage room.

Wings of Sable - The cloak is split down the middle from the shoulder blades down, almost like two separate cloaks. It's made of a shimmering grey fabric with a pattern that looks like feathers. Silver inlays and a silver hem accentuate the design. When activated, the cloak morphs into a pair of silver-tipped charcoal wings that give a flying speed of 60 feet. They remain this way until deactivated. May use an action to become invisible while in dim light or total darkness for up to one hour each day, usable in one minute increments. Invisibility persists even when not in dim light or total darkness. The cloak regains full use each dawn.

Spell Arsenal