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“Our ancestors, yours and mine, deserve more respect than what we give them. Come: let us sing to their memory.”
— Ix Everlight, on closing performance

Ix Everlight
Owner of Omeyocan Travelling Troupe
Owner of Omeyocan Travelling Troupe
Vital statistics

Race Hellion
Occupation Bard / Entertainer
Age 36 years old
Social Standing Objectionable Foreigner
Physical attributes
Class Bard 4
Height 5'7"
Weight 144 lbs

Ix Everlight is a friendly man without many friends. A hellion from a nondescript location, Ix's stated intention in the Empire is to spread merriment via music and celebration.


Physical Traits[edit]

Of average height and build for a Hellion, Ix's most distinctive features are his pale yellow eyes and his nearly translucent skin. Both of these a stark departure from the classic high-contrast features of the Hellions. These distinctive qualities often leave him ostracized from Humans and Hellions alike.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Ix often travels fairly well armed. Though peaceful, he understands that a strong sword and the knowledge to use it are often the first step to successful negotiation. He usually carries the following:

 One rapier

 One dagger

 One short bow with quiver

 His trusty lute

 Simple leather

Personality Traits[edit]


Ix is convinced at his heart that anyone can be convinced of anything. When he decides that he wants to change someone's mind or attitude, he rarely knows when to take it down a notch and sometimes pushes people to far. This attribute has gotten him in trouble in the past and likely will continue to do so in the future.

Positive Traits[edit]

Ix is relaxed and sociable and seeks to change the social perspective on, not only Hellions, but many common beliefs. Quick to joke when it calls for it but complacent when he needs to be.


Before the Empire[edit]

Ix's pre-Empire history isn't something he discusses. His traveling show involves a great deal of story telling, the breadth of which is so vast that it'd be impossible for one person to have done all of it. His Hellion home, of course, knows a great deal. Ix was born in a Hellion conclave called Teoiz, nestled cozily a the base of the mountains on the west side of Cimmeria. This particular community is a religious sect of Hellions that seek to bridge the social gap between Hellions and Humans with religious deference for the ancestors and legends that came before all of them. Fortunately for Ix, he was born under stars and conditions that had his kin convinced he was a herald of spectacular things to come. Unfortunately for Ix, the novelty of his albinism wore off quickly. As he aged, his features grew more and more pallid and unsettling. Though Hellions are normally accustomed to distinction, this particular brand was never accepted and few of his companions tried to hide it. Though never expressly treated poorly, Ix grew weary of this awkward existence and volunteered himself for functional exile under the guise of prosthelytizing. His request was quickly accepted and Ix made his departure for whatever destiny lies ahead of him.

Journal of Ix Everlight.[edit]

First entry (Week of July 13th, 2016)[edit]

Rocinante and I are so very tired. The start of our, hopefully long, career together was incredibly boring. Our first stop of Silverton was only a few days from Teoiz but we encountered nothing on our way. No farmers, no caravans, no brigands. Though I suppose I shouldn’t wish for interruption so soon, my eagerness to experience the world, in a way that I’ve been denied for so long, is truly palpable.

Silverton is very quaint, but I expected a much more negative reaction than the one that I received. Of course, the reception was still a bit on the frosty side, but changing minds takes time and I’m prepared to invest in that. My first several shows went very well. None of the establishments out-right rejected my performances, and some were eager to see what I could do. I suspect I did not cause so much of a cultural upset that my time here will be bring either fame or infamy, but a success is a success, however minor.

The most interesting part of this adventure so far has been Alita. This human woman, a member of the town guard, approached me during one of my shows to ask a few questions. Apparently on the hunt for a halfing woman that stole some piece of artwork from a nearby lord, Alita assumed that my recent arrival and general eccentricity meant that I could give her some information she had, as of yet, been unable to find herself. I could not offer her anything of value on the spot, but I wish to know more about this woman and endeavor to assist her in this. I think I couldn’t care less about the painting or the halfling, if I’m perfectly honest, but Alita’s interest in me may prove… helpful.

I’m keeping Rocinante very well fed. If I am not careful she will get fat in this place. I suppose I should be so worried for myself but, based on the quality of food so far, I doubt I'm in much trouble.

Second entry (Week of July 20th, 2016)[edit]

I never expected to find myself doing “investigations” in any kind of official capacity. Alita gave me a description of the halfling and, though she isn’t familiar to me, I had plenty of ideas about how to track her down. Silverton is the biggest settlement for miles but there are a few others in the area. Shows performed at these tiny watering holes would not ever provide me with any kind of profit or living wage but they are a perfect excuse for me to look for information without raising much suspicion. At least they haven’t yet.

It took me two days before my first break. While playing at “The Mule” for two farmers and their pig, a halfing and another man came in and sat in a corner. They started out speaking in hushed whispers but two or three drinks later their concerns became everyone’s business.

“She has been gone for nearly two weeks, Mo,” the halfling said, “what chance is there that she just pops up now? No. I fear something terrible has happened.”

“Like what?”, Mo blubbered into his mug.

“Like she maybe did something stupid and didn’t think about how she planned to undo that stupid thing.”

“Why do you always talk in riddles, Malik? I realize I’m just a country boy but I don’t think I have trouble understanding. Jus’ seems like you say very little.” “She is my sister, Mo. I’m not going just spill our family’s secrets to you and to any othe-” The halfling gestured his hand to the rest of the room and stopped abruptly when his gaze met mine. I had thought that this would be a problem but I’m afraid my friend Malik is too late if he wishes to shut his mouth. Alita will very likely want to know about this exchange but I am not quite ready to give it to her.

Rocinante basically made me drag her back to Silverton a few hours later. Poor thing is completely worn out. She’ll need several days of rest soon.

Third entry (Week of July 27th, 2016)[edit]

My family had told me to expect this but I’ll admit I did not expect it so soon. I had planned to return to The Mule the following day in order to ask about Malik and his friend when only the owner was there. When I arrived, however, there was nobody. Except Malik and his friend.

“Well, well,” Malik scoffed, “I wonder if it’s a coincidence that I see the same demon twice in the same spot in two days.”

“Unlikely,” I responded, “I’m here to ask Liam for any payment I may have received from playing yesterday. There weren’t many people, of course, but I am a humb-”

“Shut your mouth, snake.” Malik hopped off the table he’d been sitting on and approached me. Not exactly intimidating, but he had me at a disadvantage in many ways. “You were listenin’ to me talk yesterday. You’ve got about three seconds to explain to me why before Mo makes use of that shovel.”

Mo was looking a little worse than Malik. Clearly the drinking went on a quite a bit longer for him. Still, grime didn’t make him any less tall or muscle bound.

“You’ll forgive me,” I started, “but you weren’t exactly quiet. I could not help but hear. If your sister is in some sort of trouble I’d be happy to offer what little assistance I can. No one should have to go without answers.”

Malik stared blankly at me for a second or two before laughing loudly and for an uncomfortable length of time. “I’m starting to wonder if you Hellions even tell the truth to your own family. Lying appears to be in your blood.”

I had hopped I could get away without doing this for longer but I could not afford to injure either of these men. I decided that Mo’s help was my only real choice. A quick whisper and small gesture were all it took to persuade the man.

“The fuck did you just say?” Malik barked angrily, noticing but not understanding my incantation.

“Malik, easy,” Mo replied, his voice smooth and calm, “the guy looks pretty harmless. Maybe we would should take a different tack?”

Malik turned slowly to his friend before turning slowly back to me. “I fucking knew it. Worthless demon mongrel. You think you can get away with some shit like that?!” He lunged, but I feigned helplessness in hopes that Mo would come through. He did.

“Malik, don’t!” The bigger man detained Malik with relative ease, and during their struggle I took my leave. I returned to Silverton with a significant head start and needed to act fast. Things were already going south but Alita could help me.

Fourth entry (Week of August 10th, 2016)[edit]

I had wished that it would be Alita who owed me the favor before I asked for one, but I was positive that Malik was going to try to make things bad for me quickly. I found her and told her everything about him and what had happened hoping that she would see my use of magic was justified. If I could have a member of the guard’s word versus Malik’s then I might stand some sort of chance. Luckily, she seemed ecstatic that I’d found a break in the case and was happy to vouch for me. Her advice was to deny that I had used magic at all or that I even knew who Malik and Mo were, and I was happy to follow her lead on this one.

In the meantime, I set myself up in my usual haunt and Alita and I agreed it was best to stay there until Malik made his likely appearance. It was during this period that I learned Alita is a musician as well, and had wished to be able to lead the bard’s life. I was very happy to hear this. My troupe is admittedly a little drab at the moment but every story has a beginning. I asked her why she thinks she has no choice and if she’d like to come with me on my way to the capital. She did not respond to this but my instinct tells me her silence was a considering one.

Several hours later, Malik and six others showed up at The Last Stop. Alita was in the building with two others and so when Malik tried to start the patrons against me, the guards were quickly able to quell him and his miniature insurrection. I do not know what happened to him or his friends but as they were being led away, Alita said that she would speak to me in the morning. I politely decided to end my show for the evening and prepare myself to leave tomorrow. I do hope that, when I see her again, she takes my offer seriously. It will be good to have a friend.

Skills and Strategies[edit]