Grenk Hartine

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“Strike while the iron is hot.”
— Richard Edwards circa 1566

Bovak Barbarian Grenk Hartine
Bovak Barbarian Grenk Hartine
Vital statistics

Race Bovak
Occupation Weaponsmith
Age 23 years old
Social Standing Citizen
Physical attributes
Class Barbarian
Height 6' 7"
Weight 275


A tall, extremely lean and sturdy male Bovak with a horse head. He wears a single belt, and groin cloth, standing proudly in his absence of armor and clothing.

Physical Traits[edit]

His mane is dark black, his eyes are deep brown, and his skin is dark black with a thick coating of fur all over his body. His rough hands and thick forearms show his experience as a blacksmith.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

A single small shield is strapped to his back, along with a cluster of 4 javelin. Hanging from his belt, on either side of his waist, are 2 blacksmith hammers, the handles deep red. The great axe that he wields is adorned at the hilt with a single strand of beads.

Personality Traits[edit]

The magical stuff in the world confuses him. He is not a very delicate handler of fine china, or wands for that matter either. Don't hand him fragile things and expect them back in the same condition. It won't happen.


He always rushes forward, ready to strike at a moments notice. Watching others make careful plans, that will almost certainly fail, infuriates him. There is no time like the present. Strike while the iron is hot.

Positive Traits[edit]

Always protective of his family, friends, home and business, he would do anything possible to stop anyone or anything from harming them. He will often help his neighbor or family when they need. He believes that


Before the Empire[edit]

During the Great Migration of The People, Grenk Hartine enjoyed the company of both of his parents for many years. He was born 12 years before the arrival of the people to the Empire. He was a happy youth, with a caring mother, Greta, and a stern but protective father, Frahnk. Often Frahnk's deep and strong voice calling out to Grenk, heeding him a warning or advice of truth. His mother, ever supportive of her husband, was an excellent example for Grenk, of both mother and wife.

One month and 3 days after arriving into the Empire realm, Grenk lost his father, 2 uncles, and several cousins. A band of extremists from the area surrounding their temporary homestead, attacked and slaughtered many young innocents before Grenk's father, Frahnk, and his 2 uncles could mount a counter offensive. Tensions were very high in those early days. As the extremists fell under Frahnk's Great Axe, Beskytter, and Grenk's uncle's weapons, the local militia heard the commotion and came marching around the corner, to find Frahnk, slaughtering common citizens. They had no idea at the time that the commoners were the instigators in the matter. All they saw was a enraged outsider slaughtering good peoples. The militia circled around Grenk's uncles first, taking them out one at a time. Many of Grenk's cousins were cut down as well, trying to protect their fathers.

Finally, the militia came towards Frahnk. Beaten a bit by the previous 2 encounters, their numbers were still strong at 10 men. Seeing this action of the militia, and the previous actions that had just occurred in the matter of minutes, Greta pull Grenk to her side holding him tightly. Grenk struggled to break free, as he watched the final blow to his father's head. A harrowing image that is still etched into the center of his mind. It took Grenk a few moments to realize that his mother had collapsed to her knees sobbing, and no longer was holding him.

Grenk raced forward to his father's side, and feigned to stoop by his side. A militia man seeing this, bent down, feeling anguish in his heart, for what had happened there. Grenk saw his chance. He had to act now! Just as the militia man bent his knee towards Grenk, Grenk grabbed the hilt of Beskytter, in an attempt to strike this vile person down. However, he had not counted on one factor. Beskytter weighed 7 lbs, and was not a great weapon choice for a 12 year old who had seen little in the way of combat. Swinging wildly at the man, the militia members flung a net across Grenk, subduing him, and eventually shackling him into submission.

After 2 days in the local prison, he was brought in front of a local magistrate, who after hearing the tragic tale and evidence of Frahnk's fate and Grenk's actions, deemed it prudent that Grenk be put into an apprenticeship for the next seven years under the tutelage of a local blacksmith or sit in a prison for the next seven years. According to the magistrate, this would teach Grenk the benefits of only striking when necessary. Impetuousness was not a favorable personal trait. Grenk didn't care, nor did he even know what the magistrate meant by impetuousness. He did worry about his mother however, and rather than sitting in a prison for the next 7 years, perhaps he could still help to provide for her.

The Present[edit]

After being freed from his apprenticeship slavery, Grenk began to seek a job as a blacksmith, outside of his home town. Looking to start his own shop, he seeks to gain enough money and supplies to make a name for himself in his craft.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Stout of character and body, Grenk is always up for a good physical challenge. He never let's his eagerness for proving himself get in the way of protecting others though.

His abilities are all the "Rage" among barbarians these days, and prefers to rely on his totem animal, the bear, for strength in combat.


  • Beskytter is a Norwegian word meaning Protector


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