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“I have no clue who I was, only who I am”
— Goros Wiz Ard

Goros Wiz Ard
reading a spell book
reading a spell book
Vital statistics

Race Halfling
Occupation tavern keeper
Age 26 years old
Social Standing town wizard
Physical attributes
Class Wizard 3/ Bard 3
Height 3 foot 5 inches
Weight 150 lbs

His name is Goros, and his family misses him as much as he does them, but everyone knew it was for the best. he mostly spends his time at the ¨tipped keg¨ tavern, but upon occasion, he'll reconnect with nature.


Bed head hair, noodle arms

Physical Traits[edit]

...noodle arms and average legs for a 3 foot halfling

Armor and Weapons[edit]

... Leather armor and a staff, magic, and a dagger as his weapons

Personality Traits[edit]

Very intelligent and kind.


...too trusting and short temper

Positive Traits[edit]

...can control anger sometimes and isn't offended by much, only offended by insults on a personal level, or things that people know annoys him, but do it anyways.


Goros left his village of wizards, warriors, and rouges because he thought there was no more challenges, he found them too easy, but the main reason he left was a dungeon. The dungeon was said to contain an ancient artifact at the bottom(shocker), but it was also said to be verrrrrry long and difficult. Goros, out of curiosity, went in, and got to the 117th floor before he almost died. So, he wanted to get far away from the dungeon. In the forest, he overcame the odds and prevailed, against a giant, man-eating boar. He was close to death when the boar fell, and he was terrified. Filled with the will to survive, he learned how to move quietly, which herbs were safe and which herbs were dangerous. He had to survive, by any means necessary, besides killing anything but animals & plants. However, in the forest, he got hit on the head by a Giant, causing him to then stumble back, but he stabs the Giant with some kind of poisonous vine. The Giant is dead, but what it did to him will remain for possibly forever. The hit caused many memories to fade away. he can no longer remember his family, the village he grew up in, or who he was. he tries his hardest, but to no avail. However, he has flash-backs, but after he tells someone or uses the knowledge it holds, he can no longer remember. maybe a certain series of events will trigger his memories...

Before the Empire[edit]

...lived in some kind of nice village before he lived in the forest because it was where he felt most attuned to and was far away from the dungeon.

The Present[edit]

...now a well standing citizen who works as a tavern keeper in the brutal ¨tipped keg¨ tavern in The Empire.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

...skills: very good at nature magic. Strategies: sneaky and quiet.


  • Habitual Camouflage is the forest
  • One with Nature is stealth and herbalist´s kit