Ellios Grim

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“Once the silence is broken one must die...”
— The Order of Silence

Ellios (Reaper) Grim
Vital statistics

Race Shroud
Occupation Debt Collector / Ambassador of the Order of Silence
Age 18 years old
Social Standing Ambassador of the Order of Silence
Physical attributes
Class 3 Monk
Height 6'0"
Weight 135

Ellios Grim is an Ambassador sent from The Order of Silence to find work to sustain his order. Bestowed upon him was a prototype created by the Order which was a collapsible scythe named "The Death Bringer." Feared by many by his appearance he only knows his mission.

His first appearance in the Empire was through an under ground trade where a debt was to be paid in blood. Fulfilling this job made a name for himself as the Reaper. Later was contacted by the Empire to be their little Debt Collector.


Physical Traits[edit]

Ellios is a tall shroud standing at 6'0. His hair dark black as if dipped in tar. Young as if was still in grade school without a single hair on his chin. Skinny weighing a heavy 135lbs his body seems to be all muscle and 0 fat. He keeps his posture either tall and rigid or low and stealthy and tends to keep to the shadows. It is sometimes hard to see his face as he keeps his hood on all the time since the sun hurts his enlarged pupils.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Ellios wears no armor but his clothes was crafted by his Order which can be identified as a black cloak seemingly skin tight with a hood to cover his facial features.

Ellios weapons made for concealment if all un-sheaved will reveal one common short sword, darts, and his scythe aka "The Death Bringer." The scythe blades collapses parallel with the stem as the stem retracts within its self, made with great care and precision not only can it withstand blows for defense it can deliver a mighty attack for offense on top of that it is very light weight.

Personality Traits[edit]


Ellios was always treated as a monster, which he is used to by now, but does not resent anyone for their thoughts. He wouldn't know what is right and what is wrong he only knows the mission. Killing does not phase him and will not feel any burden as it is all apart of his mission. Ellios is very ignorant toward common living, and is quite awkward during normal events. He doesn't seem to have emotions but can read yours like a book.

Positive Traits[edit]

Ellios is a very kind and humble individual. If your name does not show up in his kill list he tends to treat you with the up most respect. He was always taught to respect his elders even if they are a year older the him he still treats them with respect for he believes a day in this world is a day of wisdom. He believe that he can always improve his abilities so he tends to reach out to exceptional warriors for guidance.


Before the Empire[edit]

Ellios was born into custody of The Order of Silence for he was given to them to pay off the debt of his parents. Fortunately for him the High Mistress of the order took him under her wing for she could not bare any children of her own. Raised in her image he was made into a precise killing machine that would carry no burden from the decease. He was taught the way of the Order and under the Creed:

Once the silence is broken one must die

tears will be shed from those who feel

sweat will be produce from those who live

blood will be dropped from those who are weak

sounds will be emitted by those who meet Death

Ellios has been granted permission to search for work under the name of the Order of Silence as an Ambassador. His mission in life now is to sustain the order. He found mediocre jobs during his journey ranging from body guarding, assassinations, delivery, and etc. His final job as a freelancer was to collect a debt for a noble, and was instructed to collect the debt in blood. This event spread rumors across the land giving me the name of REAPER.

The Present[edit]

Ellios is now 18 years young and can now be found working for the Empire as The Debt Collector also some other odd jobs to produce money to send back to his Order.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Ellios uses the teaching from his Order to silently complete his mission regardless what it might be from killing a royal family member to picking of bread from the local market.


  • Ellios Scythe was crafted by the Order and gifted to Ellios by the High Mistress for he is now the symbol of Death.
  • Ellios parents could be alive to this day, but Ellios does not have no interest in finding them.