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The world of Elara existed for millennia under the chaotic dominance of the race known as Titans. Titans were power and thought made manifest; beings of unimaginable strength, embodiments of the force and fury of the natural world.  The Titans take the shape of whatever element or phenomenon they represent; Dragons, Giants, Elementals, and other more bizarre and exotic creatures are all ideations of these magnificent and powerful creatures.

These denizens of Elara warred and struggled against one another over the course of millennia, some being snuffed out forever while others rose to power and prominence amongst the primitive, yet sentient, creatures of the world.  Little is known of what happened within the confines of the plane of Elara during these lost eons...until the Gods arrived, heralding the Era of Ascension

Races in Elara[edit]

Dwarves, Elves , Humans , Gnomes, Orcs, Hellions, Supernals, Shrouds, Lascarii, Whispers, Bovak, and Halflings are some of the more common races found in Elara. Aethereans are a more rare sight. For a more complete list check out the full elara race list.

Nations in Elara[edit]

The Empire[edit]

The Empire was founded less than a decade ago, yet peace and prosperity has descended upon the land protected and sheltered by the hand of the glorious Emperor. This is not to say the land is untroubled; bandits, monsters, and worse prowl the darkened corners of the Empire and encroach on its borders from the savage lands beyond. However, aided by powerful adventurers the Emperor strives tirelessly to rid his people of these menaces and to reward those bold enough to drive back the darkness.

Rough map of the Inner Kingdoms and the Empire.