Damon Darkclaw

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“Ma'am, your son knew the risks when he came into my store. It's not my fault that he had an allergic reaction and is now irreversibly a toad.”
— Damon Darkclaw

Damon Darkclaw
Alchemical Prodigy that plays with fire.
Alchemical Prodigy that plays with fire.
Vital statistics

Race Gnome
Occupation Sorcerer and Alchemist
Age 22 years old
Social Standing Devilishly Handsome, Devilishly disliked
Physical attributes
Class Sorcerer 3
Height 3'3"
Weight 46

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Physical Traits[edit]

Damon is an average-height gnome, usually wears short robes which hold his alchemical compounds inside. He has blonde hair and a rather gruff-looking face

Armor and Weapons[edit]

His trusty darts main weapons - sometimes poisoned, and he always has some alchemical concoction on-hand. After all, what better way to advertise his wares than to show them off in the field?

Personality Traits[edit]


  • Greedy
  • Bit of a Charlatan
  • Impulsive

Positive Traits[edit]

  • People-person
  • Excellent at getting results
  • Optimistic


Before the Empire[edit]

Damon was born different from his close relatives in his caravan. He had a power not seen in his family for generations. It may have gone to his head...

Damon wasn't one for the nomadic life, and decided he wanted to settle down in a nice city and open up an alchemy shop. Don't get me wrong, he likes adventuring. It's just... Damon likes coming home knowing it's in the same place every time. Of course, being from a caravan gave him some bad habits - certain conman habits. He has tried his damnedest to break them, but they just kept coming back.

The Present[edit]


Skills and Strategies[edit]

Damon is an expert alchemist, and uses his wares from his shop in combat. That, combined with his sling and spells, make him a formidable foe. He also isn't the cautious type, he tends to go in guns blazing for the hell of it in most situations.


  • Damon's main weakness is chocolate - loves the stuff with a major passion.