Cyl Kelric

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“The last thing you'll see will be carried away by a moonlight shadow”

Mystic Monk
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Vital statistics

Race Elf
Occupation Performer/Teacher
Age 28 years old
Social Standing Well known instructor for teaching any person wanting to learn his ways
Physical attributes
Class Mage/Cleric/Monk
Height 6'2"
Weight Undisclosed

Cyl Kelric protects the helpless, but has a love for hot dogs.


Tall, long green hair, green goatee, blue eyes,well built and stocky. Has tattoos on both shoulders and a small one on his forehead.

Physical Traits[edit]

Looks like a stocky bodybuilder human with elf ears. ...

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Steel finger-less gloves, four colored jewelled steel bracer on right arm,gold bracelet on left arm leather sleeveless top, steel shoulder pads, leather-like cloth pants tucked into steel boots. ...

Personality Traits[edit]


Acts like a prostitute if he drinks too much. If drunk will become an exhibitionists. ...

Positive Traits[edit]

Will always help with the people in need no matter what the problem or issue. Tries to find a peaceful resolution first, unless there is no choice but to fight. ...


Before the Empire[edit]

Was an orphan and taken in by a secret order of monks, that are the secret order of assassins for royalty or anyone that can afford their services known as the Monlit (mon-lit) or what people call the Moonlight Shadow Clan because of his special skills he was born with, who taught him the ways of the elemental magic, Cleric healing magic and hand to hand combat (armed and unarmed). Fell in love with one of the other male monks and the two secretly got married. They kept this hidden, until the other monks found out. They killed his partner and banished him from the order until he made a name for himself or brings honor to the order once more. ...

The Present[edit]

Living in a small village, he had set free from a group of bandits, he teaches the children and adults in the ways of fighting and magic that he knows to protect against attacks from bandits or a threat to the village. He helps the village out by traveling to the city performing shows in the streets collecting coins for the shows of acrobatics and skills. He uses the money to run his school and gets what the village needs or finds people with skills that will be beneficial to help the village grow. He acts as the village guard when not in the city performing. ...

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Acrobatics, tumbling, magics, unarmed combat, small and medium weapon combat, dual weilding, blacksmithing, tailoring, reading, writing. Can speak, elvish, human, draconian. Can infuse elemental spells into his attacks,focus them into a ball or beam. Can use part of his own health to heal others along with using cleric healing spells. Can hide in shadows or travel through them to get to the place he has been or seen before. Can't travel in the shadows to a place he has never been or seen, if attempted there's a chance he could end up in a wall or worse and die. Has used this method to move a target to safety/killed once. Needs time to recover after using it. Likes to think or come up with some new way of using magic with his attacks or on an allies attack. Can learn a skill from an enemy/creature if it is either an elemental attack/spell or a special skill known only to that enemy/creature.



  • Cyl has a small shrine behind the school, that he lives in as well, he keeps like when he is not around. There is a red ribbon tied to a handle on the door. Many have asked him about the shrine only to laugh and change the subject.
  • Cyl never tries to let anyone get close to him and his past. It has been seen by very few people, him sitting in front of a shrine crying and a muffled speech is heard as he hits the ground.
  • Cyl always wanted to go back to the order, but stops himself a few steps in front of the gate and walks away. People in the village have seen him walk to what looks like a monastary, stare at it and walk away.