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“"To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering."”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Ready for anything.
Ready for anything.
Vital statistics

Race Human
Occupation Nightfall Network Mercenary
Age 31 years old
Social Standing Mercenary
Physical attributes
Class Fighter 8 Warlock 3
Height 5'11"
Weight 175


Has shaved head of which is close to bald of which he has the remnants of a goatee. Hair is ginger. Is of semi-normal height for a human of which is 5'11". Has dark green eyes and has extremely pale skin for a human making him look like a ghost. Has scaring on his face and hands from when we tried to save his parents from the fire he started.

Physical Traits[edit]

Medium build due to blacksmithing, has the burn scars on his hands of which he sometimes wraps cloth bandages around so it can be barely visible as well on his face.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Splint mail, Longsword of Wadsworth the "The Butcher's Blade", and two hand-axes.


Personality Traits[edit]

Silent, Timid, Curious, Hot-headed,


Short Tempered, Headstrong, Timid, May use intimidate to get his way, pyromaniac, not stealthy, and Hot-headed.


Positive Traits[edit]

Meatshield, Caring of those working with or along him, courageous,



Before the Empire[edit]

Lived a very average life as the son of a ex-town guardsman turned priest of which inspired to go and try the militia of which didn't pass due to not having a skill. Celeborn decided to go his ancestors path of blacksmithing since it didn't work for his siblings or father. He was able to accomplish what they couldn't yet, still never made it to the militia this of course pissed him off and made his now trusty sword. His brothers Boros(older) and Vyodnich(younger) amazed wanted lessons of which led to Celeborn and his massive ego tried, causing the massive fire(only two buildings were destroyed) of his village killing his parents before help arrived. This unfortunate accident led him to developing his addiction to pyromania and him always being at the forge around his 17 birthday. He later earned his own shop from ex-smith of his village and the inheritance to remember his parents along with his brothers help, made him get well sooner even if he still had his pyro urges. He controlled those by either staying near his forge and crafted something, locking himself away, or his favored one; going out at night near the village limits and lighting pyres to remember his parents of which he visited the graves on the day of the incident (What we call December 23). However, in the winter on one of his visits and while his brothers were out patrolling the village. Some random homeless beggar got in and to keep himself warm started the forge to hot and set the shop ablaze. The fire had spread rapidly hitting other buildings and killing dozens. The village decided that what of remained of Celeborn's family had to be exiled. When he got the news it broke him and he lost it going and dropping from all contact around his 20th birthday. (We call it August 18) The only thing keeping him in mind was his sword set between his parents graves with a note "stating he was responsible for all the evil that has happened in the village and is to blame." He along the way settled down never speaking to anyone near a settlement outside the Empire (around 22). The settlement actually had a collective to find out who he was and where he came from, yet were to terrified to speak to him due to the burns and scars on his face and hands. One day a child came up to him one night during his pyre burning and asked him who he was. He calmly replied "Your the first to say this... a mere child. Take me to your parents now. Its not safe here." The child did so and as he entered saw two things, his younger brother Vyodnich and his sword "Lunastus" he said as he entered the house. "You've raised a curious one...it could kill him." He eventually went on to tell him want happened while he was away. Vyodnich later trained him in true combat styles and techniques(Defensive style). (Around his 23 birthday).

The Present[edit]

(7/21/16) As of Season 2 weeks 2-7 Celeborn hasn't worked up and leads to the whereabouts of his older sibling Boros, yet however has made many new friends and allies(Ramar, Stian, Phineas, and Lyle.) He's even meet the leader of the "Agents of the Empire" Surgot. So, all in all he's doing well. (As of the end of Season 2) : Celeborn is now on the hunt for Ambrose and to save Pug from a curse/gift granted from the possibly dead Aza. With help from Stian, Phineas, and Ramar with Lyle no where to be seen, it is a rush against time...however on the way to Menschlem, Celeborn gave a donation of gold to Ramar to start up a business. Stating that he didn't care what it was called or where it was located. Just that it was something that they both could run and understand. Hench "The Inlayed Scabbard" was created with Ramar being the primary owner and Celeborn being a co-owner of this smithy/jewelry shop.

As of '1/19/17' Celeborn is now a disciple of Wadsworth. He doesn't know if he should this power for good or evil. All he knows is that its gonna be used to protect and guard those he truly cares for.

Celeborn's Journals[edit]

Celeborn's Journal

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Head first into combat and try to "tank" or get the enemy focus.

Celeborn doesn't have much actual combat skill, yet knows how to fight with shield and blade,...as much he also knows when to quit.