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“To die in battle is the best that one can hope for. Those who die in their bed as old men often die without ever really living”
— Brash

The calm before the storm
Vital statistics

Race Goliath
Occupation Mercenary and lumberjack
Age 24 years old
Social Standing  ????
Physical attributes
Class Fighter 3 (Champion)
Height 7'8"
Weight 320lbs


Brash is a mountain of a goliath, towering over most other humanoids. His skin is as grey as the stone, with dark black markings similar to war paint on his body. His clothing is a strange mix of a mercenary and forester all in one.

Physical Traits[edit]

Brash stands at 7'8" tall and is well over 300 lbs. He is very athletic looking, as comfortable running up steep mountain trails as he is lifting boulders.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Brash wears well maintained chain armor. His pride and joy is a very large two-handed club (with the characteristics of a maul) that he has carved by himself.

Personality Traits[edit]



Positive Traits[edit]



Before the Empire[edit]


The Present[edit]


Skills and Strategies[edit]