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“Ki is life, but work gives it meaning.”
— Artyom

(A charcoal drawing)
(A charcoal drawing)
Vital statistics

Race Warforged
Occupation Artist and Self Proclaimed Scribe
Age 43 years old
Social Standing Creepy Old Contraption
Physical attributes
Class Rogue 1, Monk 2
Height 6'4"
Weight 213lbs

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Physical Traits[edit]

Artyom is a very tall almost skeletal warforged who is missing the common, more human shaped outer shell. His body is constructed of a dark metal with minimal wooden muscle tissue and has glowing green eye receptacles.


Armor and Weapons[edit]

Artyom wears no armor but wears a cloth hood and a sash that dangles at his waist. (This is because people often find a lack of face and genitalia to be a bit disturbing.)

Artyom has two daggers and two single edged short-swords witch dull near the hilt called "dao". (It's always good to have an extra. )


A necklace with a small statuette of an unidentified grotesque figure on it. (gives nightmares to those who sleep near it)

Thieves' tools

Order of light robes


Minor potion of healing

Personality Traits[edit]

-Artyom is a very hard worker but the origin of this is obsession. Artyom attempts to keep working to the point that he might completely ignore other people and current or impending problems.

-Artyom has all the time in the world and he knows it. He will often take a longer time to make sure he does something right, often failing when the right thing to do is simply rush through something.

-The whole social scene doesn’t make much sense to Artyom. His knowledge of emotion covers anger, fear, pain, and hatred is reasonable but his curiosity about other emotions can get him in trouble when he starts interrogating someone in mourning.

-Artyom tends not to put stereotypes on people or even things. This may have been fun the one time he met a friendly ork but most of the time it leaves him angry at someone or something that took advantage of him. Artyom may appear to others as either far too trusting of a descendant of demons or suspiciously suspicious of a holy man.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

When in a group, Artyom tends to follow along with what others wish to do, interjecting if anyone gets off task or does something going against what they claim to want.

Though some simply consider this to be warforged nature, Artyom can stay calm under almost any situation.

When given the choice, Artyom likes to go through things as systematically as possible, taking as much time as needed in order to close all loose ends.


Before the Empire[edit]

The earliest of Artyom's memories are from temporary spurts of consciousness that he had for the purpose of being worked on up until he was awoken by thieves who intended to steal him from the dungeon where he lay. ...still working...

The Present[edit]

Artyom spends his days traveling between libraries, investigating humanoid cultures and occasionally learning a bit about the arcane. His goal is that of physical, magical, and mental self-exploration for which he keeps a mostly pictorial journal of experiences. These pictures are mostly to jog his memory but sometimes the going gets tough and such pictures get sacrificed (sold) for a few coins if necessary.

Quest Journal[edit]

Blood, Tears, and Song[edit]

Having heard of an interesting little religious cult in his area, Artyom decided to investigate a little. In searching for the cult himself, Artyom ended up meeting with a warrior and sell-sword who were chasing the cult and helped them track one of the cult's wagons to a small fort on a bog. Along the way, the group was joined by a hellion who claimed to be a courier and was also looking for the cult. Artyom thought it interesting that the group seemed to trust him so quickly but thought the rest of the group reliable enough based on their similar intent of finding a certain dwarf. Once the group neared the fort, they decided to wait till nightfall before abducting a guard for questioning. The young cult member responded quite well, answering all of Artyom's questions about the dwarf and the cult. If the young one hadn't struggled and alerted the fort, he and those in the fort may have lived to see the morning.


  • Artyom tends either to dislike or strongly envy other more complete warforged.
  • Artyom does not care much about material wealth.
  • Artyom loves music but is terrible at playing and singing it.