Aragar Stonebrew

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“I got somethin' brewin'!”
— Aragar Stonebrew

Aragar Stonebrew
Vital statistics

Race Dwarf
Occupation Brewer/Merchant
Age 33 years old
Social Standing Member in good standing with the Brewer's Guild
Physical attributes
Class Rogue2/Cleric1
Height 4'11"
Weight 128 lbs

As a member of the Stonebrew clan, Aragar hails from the mighty halls of Olazcral located in the mountains east of the Empire. Not quite an outcast, but never really fitting in, Aragar's brewing skills and charming personality earned him a modest amount of respect within his family.


Physical Traits[edit]

Sporting a double-braided beard of dark brown, Aragar towers over other members of his race. Slender in build, the dwarf is a rather agile specimen of his species. Aragar dresses in simple traveler's clothes.

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Aragar wears a chain shirt and wields a rapier in combat. He also carries a pair of daggers and a hand crossbow.

Personality Traits[edit]


Eager to display his skills, Aragar strives to always be the best and gain even more, whether fame or gold. This ambition can put him at odds with his companions and guild masters at times.

Positive Traits[edit]

Believes everyone should be allowed to determine how he or she will live their life.


Before the Empire[edit]

Although not the typical dwarf, Aragar excelled in the family craft: brewing. Quickly mastering the ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation, word of Aragar's talents spread throughout Olazcral. When he asked his father Azdal for permission to seek a larger market for their family brew, Aragar's request was denied being told it was "made by dwarves, for dwarves."

The Present[edit]

Word of the formation of the Empire reached the halls of his mountain home; Aragar saw an opportunity. A thief in the night, the enterprising dwarf packed up his supplies, stole a wagon and donkey, and made his way west in search of the Empire. Of course, he carried the family recipe, deftly lifted from the family vault, securely by his side. Aragar now travels throughout the Empire, selling his services as a master brewer, saving his pay to establish a brewery within the Empire, increase the fame of his family's brew, and possibly create a few special recipes of his own.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Aragar often uses his innate charisma to persuade others to his side. If that fails, he has almost no compunctions about letting his blades do the convincing if his opponent is intent on combat.


  • The youngest of his clan, Aragar was often the target of his siblings pranks and bullying. It was his uncle Valgar who taught him how to use his agility and cunning effectively.
  • The family brew, The Stony Stout, is a delicious beer famous throughout the dwarven kingdoms.