Ander Greenleaf

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Physical Traits[edit]

Ander is a 2'11 Halfing with dirty blond hair with dark brown eyes. Scarps run down his body and face from years of training. His body type is very built for a halfing. ...

Armor and Weapons[edit]

Ander welds dual swords he names dawn and dusk. In battle, Ander wears studded leather and attached in the side is a safety dagger for well safety. ...

Personality Traits[edit]


Very flamboyant in combat which results in doing incredible unnecessary bruises. Smack-talker in the worst situations. Loyal to money. Alcoholic

Positive Traits[edit]

Street-smart. Happy go lucky. Personable to many. Not afraid of many things.


Before the Empire[edit]

During his early childhood, Ander was raised by his adoptive human father, Dario Green. Militaristic in his up-bring, Dario taught Ander strictly in the ways of combat and tactics so Ander can eventually replace him in the military order. Ander regrets being brought-up this way and took his leisure time at the local bar, Sloppy Seconds. Spending many nights and even days there, Ander found his love and curse of alcohol. During his escapades in the bars, Ander would listen to the bards and watch stage fights. Ander admired the bards and the stage fights and had always dreamed of joining. At the age of fourteen, Ander decided to run away from Dario and join a troop. He spots his favorite troop, Loddy's Company and sets out for adventure.

The Present[edit]

Currently wondering around Elara. He is searching for the latest adventure and stage fight to write.

Skills and Strategies[edit]

Proficient in dual welding swords and daggers. Knows how to please a crowd. ...