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The For the Empire campaign is being run on Twitch by TypicalGM on his Twitch Channel.

He will be running games weekly on Wednesday nights at 7pm Central as well as possibly earlier on some Thursdays. When a game is upcoming, an email will be sent out with a link to the signup for that week's quests. Even if you're not available during the game times, your character can still participate in the action during the week. Signing up for downtime allows your character to participate, gaining experience and treasure even if you don't get the opportunity to do so live in game.

Two Ways to Play

There will be two primary methods of participating in this persistent world experience.

Live Play: A cast of players will sign up each week. An email will be sent on Sunday with a link to a Google Doc. Sign up for Active if you'd like the chance to play on Wednesday night. Live sessions will be streamed to TypicalGM's Twitch starting at 7PM CST on Wednesday. Sessions will either run 2-3 hours and encompass a single mission assigned by a senior member of the Emperor's council, or it will be multiple missions happening across the Empire.

Downtime Play: If you can't make it to the Wednesday night game you can still advance your character, their story, and their assets by participating in adventures and activities outside active play. Each quest in the emailed Google doc will have a place to sign up for Downtime. There is also a quest dedicated purely to individual character assets.

Both options give XP and other rewards detailed on the Character Advancement page.

How To Get Involved

  • Send an email to with the subject "For The Empire" to be added to the roster of players. Please include your Twitch name in the body.
  • Join the roll20 campaign with this link and contact TypicalGM or a mod for a character sheet to be assigned to you.
  • Make a character wiki page using the box at the top of the Player List page
  • Create your character using the guidelines below

Character Generation

  • Characters start at Level 3.
  • Standard array or point buy only - found on page 13 of the PHB.
  • For a list of playable races check out this list.
  • Hit points are decided as: Max for class at 1st level, take average listed in PHB for further levels
  • Standard equipment + additional 100gp at character generation. This gold can be spent before you start, but only on basic items that one might find in a town store.
  • All characters must have an alternate function within the Empire (a job or profession).
  • Any official material published by Wizards of the Coast is fine (playtests allowed on case by case basis).
  • Custom races are fine as well but must be reviewed by TypicalGM or a mod first.
  • Custom backgrounds are fine as long as they follow the guidelines in the PHB.

Weekly Schedule

- Sunday: Quest email for the week with link to signup document

- Monday: Deadline to sign up 11:59pm Central time

- Wednesday: Active player game at 7pm Central time. Downtime Asset rolls due by 11:59pm Central time.

- Thursday: Rewards possibly detailed on stream

- Saturday: Downtime questers must submit action report to Surgot by 11:59pm Central time


The campaign will be run in the world of Elara.

More setting information will continue to be added as it becomes available.